Monday, May 02, 2011

People under-rate surfaces.

"Most of the common infections -- colds, flu, diarrhea -- you get environmentally transmitted either in the air or on surfaces you touch. I think people under-rate surfaces."
~Dr. Charles Gerba

Just a teaser from my trip to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.

Sorry, I just thought that quote was hilarious. Don't underestimate surfaces...

So I've avoided talking about how I'm sick on this here blog because, well, who really wants to hear about that? But today, I just can't not mention it. I'm sick. Started as a sore throat, in which my throat felt like the receiving end of a dart/javelin/ice pick/knife throwing contest with thousands of contestants. Then came the runny nose and sneezing. Then the congested nose and sinuses. (I know you're loving this.) Then the congested chest and pressure filled head. Then the ears.

Oh the ears. The poor ears. Last night, they had just about enough and succumbed to the severe pain that infection brings. Ugh. So this morning, I marched myself to the Dr.'s office (okay, drove not marched) and that merciful Dr. gave me some Amoxicillin. Well, the Dr. didn't give it to me, the pharmacist did. But the Dr. did irrigate and flush out my ear. Okay, she didn't do that either... her nurse did. But the Dr. DID write me a prescription for pinky medi. Okay, no she didn't. They called in (faxed) the prescription because apparently they don't actually write out prescriptions anymore. (Who knew?) And it was for capsules of Amoxicillin, not the pink-liquid-bubble-gum-flavored version that I so loved as a child. (I had it a lot as a youngin'.)

But what she did do was look at my ears and gave me sympathy. She told me that my canals were all windy (not to say that they're breezy, but windy, as in they wind down and around out of sight) which makes it difficult (read: impossible) to see the whole eardrum. Oh, and that, apparently, is also is what makes me susceptible to these darn ear infections. (Yeah. Knew that. Hence, my love of pinky medi.) Nice doctor, though. (And that prescription was only $4. Can you believe it?! Nice.)

Funny story though... when I was a teenager, I got an ear infection (yes, I'm prone to them -- not just when I was a little child) and requested that my Amoxicillin come in the comforting liquid form, which I affectionately dubbed "pinky medi" as a child. Well, let me tell you... either they don't put the bubble gum flavoring in it when you're older than 12 or I was sorely mistaken about its sweet deliciousness because that stuff was nasty! Never again. I'll swallow all the pills you give me.

And thank you, Doctor, for giving them to me. My ears will be pleased. Right now they're still screaming at me (ouch) but they'll be singing your praises by morning. I hope.

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry that I passed on to you the small, windy ear canals. Long live pinky medi!