Monday, July 12, 2010

"If I hadn't drinken so much water..."

"We spend most of our lives conjugating three verbs: to want, to have, and to do, but not to drink."
~Evelyn Underhill (italics added by moi)

So this morning started out pretty well, when I woke up to my alarm clock. Now, that may not seem like a particularly wonderful start to the day, but considering how little sleep I had last night and how much of a morning person I am NOT, it was no less than a miracle!

Then, while in the shower, I used the last of my shower gel, so I blindly aimed for the garbage over the top of the shower curtain and MADE it! Score! Seriously, I am that good. :) Haha, actually I was so stunned that I made it, that it had me smiling all morning.

In other fun news, my car reached the 150 mile mark! (And also 160 mile mark, hence the picture. I was driving when it said 150...) Yes, that's the total miles on the odometer. It started out with 4. FOUR! Crazy. And I'm a sucker for "mile"stones, so I liked watching it click to 150 (and 160), even if it IS digital. :)

Work was, well... work, but Kendra and I got a lot accomplished today. ;) So much, that we actually treated ourselves to leaving a few minutes early. We deserved it. That meant that I got to the gym earlier than planned, worked out, and then home earlier than I thought.

Great day. Well, except for that dumb headache that has been lingering all day and does not want to be conquered by normal amounts of ibuprofen. I even took my Mission President's wife's #1 advice to cure most any illness -- I drank a lot of water and it still didn't seem to do much good. I suppose it might be worse if I hadn't taken ibuprofen or if I hadn't drunk so much water.

Speak of drinking... I really love language and grammar, but I will openly admit that I hate conjugating the English verb "to drink" in the perfect, pluperfect, future perfect, past perfect conditional, perfect conjunctive, and perfect conjunctional tenses. It's a perfect nightmare to me and the "right" way sounds perfectly ridiculous to me. There. I'd much prefer to say, "...if I hadn't drinken so much water..." :) I know, I know, it's wrong. And okay, I'll even give it to you that it sounds silly. But so does "If I hadn't have drunk so much water..." Doesn't it? Am I alone in this? Hmmm. :)

Haha. Life's fun.

So, that was today.


emily said...

haha, yes! In fact I usually say drinken, and then correct myself. But, I never had this problem until after my mission, maybe the same for you?

eclaires said...

So funny! I don't know where it came from, but you're probably right because I do remember getting really confused with how to say things in English... verb conjugations and plural nouns. Just ask Karen and Brooke about rhinocerai. That's right, right? ;)

The Linfords said...

I like this!! I think drinken sounds more correct than drunk, but it looks weird when you type it out! Anyways congrats on the awesome blind shower shot!! ;)

eclaires said...

Thanks, Linsey! It was a great shot! ;)

Sherine said...

Speaking of bad post mission translations.. I once said.. I was so molested by that! (Molestar is the spanish equivalent of 'to bug') I think I would rather be drunken than molested.

Love you emery!