Friday, November 23, 2012

Family Brunch.

"I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich."
~Colonel Potter, M*A*S*H

Amber and Steve brought Emma, Claire, and Velvet to Utah and then to brunch at my house the Friday after Thanksgiving. We were sad Violet couldn't make it up from Provo, but it was Black Friday and we were told she had to work. Such are the breaks, when you're an adult, I guess.

As always with Amber et al, we had fun talking, giggling, singing, and reminiscing. I'm happy we took the time to take this photo, since most of the time I'm having way too much fun with Amber to remember to take pictures.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

I should be asleep...

‎"Your goals, minus your doubts, equal your reality."
~Ralph Marston

I don't know if this counts as an "actual blog post," which my last post indicated was on its way. I think I have been less apt to post for a number of reasons, but one main one is that I don't have WiFi, which means that I have to come into my office where my laptop sits plugged into the ethernet plug. No more sitting in my bed on my way to sleep quickly getting some thoughts and pictures up on this blog... Well, that is until I get a wireless router. I know, I know: they're not that expensive, right? That's what you were thinking, right? Well, I just haven't done it and I guess that means that it's not a priority for me.

At any rate. Just a few thoughts tonight, as I should be doing laundry and cleaning...

... I love musicals. And I especially love Show Tune Saturday Night on 106.5 FM here in Salt Lake. Keeps me entertained on Saturday nights when I can tune in. And most importantly, helps me not feel lonely when I'm at home alone.

... I'm no longer addicted to Sea Battle Live. But I sure have been playing a lot of Sudoku and Words with Friends.

... I'm still obsessed with HRH Kate. Yes, and I even have a new favorite website: Check it out. She and Will just finished their two week-Southeast Asian tour and man, she looked beautiful. Some of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen showed up on that tour. Can I be Kate, please?

... I have an ongoing love affair with clouds, which I don't see ending any time soon. Or any time ever. I'm mesmerized. In love. Infatuated. In love. Enchanted. Forever. With each and every encounter.

... Couch to 5k. I started again. Tomorrow will complete the first week. It's easier this time around. Not sure why, since aside from this week, I think I've only run like ten times this year, probably. Ugh. It's hard but good. I know I must suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret. My choice.

...Today, I was on the treadmill watching the history channel while I ran. Did you know there is a stretch of road call Death Road in Bolivia. El Camino de la Muerte snakes its way through the Andes Mountains. Watch this:

Seriously one of the most treacherous roads in the world in GOOD weather conditions. Just imagine when the fog and rains come in. Wow. Crazy. It was built in the 1930s and has claimed thousands of lives since. Wanna drive it? Yeah, me neither.

Picture found here.

... Speaking of driving. Confession: I roll through stop signs. Call me a California driver. My Aunt does. She calls them California stops. She should know. She's a native, as well. :)

... I have to find my own husband because my culture doesn't practice arranged marriages. Doing my best. I just wish falling in love had traffic lights so that I would know if I should: Go for it, slow down, or just stop.

... I'm really tired and should be in bed.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

While I cook up an actual blog post...

"God has promised forgiveness to your repentance,
but He has not promised tomorrow to your procrastination."
~Augustine of Hippo

So, I've not been intentionally procrastinating all the posts I want to share with you... it just has happened that way. So, during this "down time" here are a few things you can think about, laugh at, roll yours eyes at, or whatever it is you choose to do while I'm procrastinating posting pictures of my new house. Yes, I said, my new house. :)

My cousin Lindsay sent me me this link a long time ago and I just found it again. Enjoy.

I've made this recipe twice since I found it nearly two weeks ago. If you're ever looking for a pretty yummy, quick, and easy recipe when you're wanting something sweet fast and you don't want to have to work very hard for it, try this. :) Like that ever happens. What? :) Now go ahead and click on it and make it. You'll thank me.

Oh, and this one. This one you don't want to miss. I've been meaning to post it for some time, but keep forgetting. I've been reading this girl's Name updates for a couple of years now. Hilarious. Seriously, I can't make this stuff up. Ha...but people do! People MAKE UP THESE NAMES AND GIVE THEM TO THEIR CHILDREN FOR THE REST OF TIME! Gosh. I won't pretend to say that I understand the heavy weight parents must feel as they choose a word (a name) by which this new human being will be known for the rest of eternity. Heavy stuff. But with that weight on your shoulders, you went ahead and chose Reggie Tayzlie? Seriously? Or Razdyn? Gosh. I know I may have unusual ideas for names (maybe it's good I don't have children), but at least they aren't a combination of letters arbitrarily put together. I LIKE unusual names, people. Trust me. My name is Emery, for heaven's sake. I LIKE having a fairly unique name. Trust me. I'm all about being the only "Emery" around (had a near identity crisis when I read that in 2005 "Emery" entered the top 1000 names for baby girls receiving SSNs in the U.S.--about near died.) But my name isn't made up. It's a name. It's spelled correctly. But Arkadian? I looked it up--it's an Xbox game. Seriously people? And Kasten? Sure as heck you won't catch me castin' my vote for Kasten. Heh. I'm funny. Anyway, enough. Check out the link here.

Speaking of babies, my friends D&S are having one, so I've had them on the mind. I saw this supercool airplane contraption. SO cool. I like it. But they're sold out. Put myself on the waiting list in case they get more in stock. Maybe by that time, I'll have a baby to put in it. :) Here's hoping.

And lastly, my love for the Royal Family (okay, my love for the Duchess of Cambridge) has not waned and I   often go to this website to see her latest sartorial picks or this website. Both are good. I mean anywhere you can see this Kaleidoscope Kate is worth visiting regularly. :)

Well, that's it for now. More later. Lots more hopefully. Pray that procrastination doesn't get the best of me.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monday, July 09, 2012

If You Moust, You Moust.

"Pink is the navy blue of India."
~Diana Vreeland

Disclaimer/Apology/Writer's Note: I told you I'd hurry up and push that last picture of me lower into the depths of blog archives by blogging again soon... you just didn't know it was going to be replaced by a picture of my feet, did you? Don't you worry. Once again, this is incentive to blog again soon. What will be up next? Hmmm...

Last Saturday, I decided I'd gone long enough without a professional pedicure. I'll admit that I used to frequent the nail salon at least every two or three months and get a pedicure. But when I started re-prioritizing my funds so that I could make a certain larger purchase top-priority (more blogging on that later), I eased off the self-pampering indulgent whims.

But by Saturday, I'd had enough. Really. My toes were a mess and no amount of my own babying of them was going to make a difference anymore. So off to Sky Nails I drove. In an unexpected move, I veered from my almost religious allegiance to OPI's reddish hue "I'm Not Really A Waitress" and picked out three colors--all pink. (I know. This kind of news, unprecedented change in polish color, is definitely front-page-worthy.) Nothing screams summer more than a bright pink toenails, right? So, I brought all three shades to the chair and continued to mull over my choice as my feet soaked. Finally, with the help of my new found friend, Susan, in the seat next to me, I went with "If "You Moust, You Moust."

"If You Moust, You Moust" is the quintessential pink polish. It has this creamy bright Pepto Bismol look. (Hate it already? Don't.) Perfectly bright, yet light and feminine, its shiny creme finish looks great, makes me smile every time I see my toes, and is a perfect divergence from my norm. I will, however, admit that every time I've looked at my toes since Saturday, I have done a mental double-take and reminded myself that these are, in fact, MY toes. My PINK toes.

So for the first pedicure of the year -- Yes, it IS the first of 2012... all you who think I pamper myself all the time, pshaw. I haven't had one since December -- so for the first of the year, I think it was a success. AND I met a new friend, Susan, who also did her toes pink. All in all, a perfect Saturday splurge.

And that, my friends, is exactly what you wanted to read about (not to mention, be forced to see a picture) today, right? Thought so.


Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A happy life with a few guilty pleasures.

"Don't put off your happy life."
~Anyone Smart

Okay, so now that I've broken the silence, I feel like I can share all my random thoughts again. Like...

... I know you've missed me (come on, indulge me...just nod and smile), so I'm including a picture of me so you remember what I look like. And no I don't always wear glasses, but I am about the blindest person I know. Except for my friend Janet. She's definitely blinder. You know, the kind of blind that only makes you a candidate for hard contacts and not soft. Coke-bottle-blind.

... A picture of me at the top of this post ensures that I will post again soon, so I don't see myself full screen every time I come to my blog. The picture of Will and Kate was just fine. But a picture of me... don't worry, I'll move that down soon with a new post.

... I'm addicted to the Bachelorette. Okay, now don't get all judgmental on me. I don't even own a TV. I don't watch any other TV, especially no other reality TV. But I really love the Bachelorette/Bachelor. Especially this season. (Don't worry, I hated last season. Ben and Courtney? Ugh.) But, I just love Emily. She's just got a good head on her shoulders. I didn't know I could love a blonde, Barbie doll with a brain, southern belle as much as I do. But I do. And heaven knows I love Arie and his kissing. My goodness. I think he's in the top three for his sweet lip-locking moves alone. He's a pretty tasty treat, I tell ya. But there are two more: Sean and Jef with one f. This is going to be tough. I'm already nervous. Decisions, decisions. What to do? What to do? Eek. I'll get through it. ;)

... I love fireworks. Love them. I had a really-no-so-great day at work today. Felt like crying and screaming and punching people in the face. All at the same time. (Be happy you weren't there.) But tonight, I went to a fireworks show (the 3rd of July one I've gone to every year for the last 6 years--each of the four years prior to that, I was out of the country) and the fireworks lighting up the sky and ka-booming deep into my chest cavities immediately elevated my mood. Because let's face was not fun. People stepping on my blanket spread out on the grass so neat and perfect was not so fun (when did I turn into a blanket nazi with a nasty stink eye punishment for those who cross into my territory?). But fireworks spraying through the sky to a round of patriotic songs. Yeah, enough to warm up a girl's cold heart. Love them.

... So, my lovely friend Sharona is a clothes designer. And she has two new dresses being sold by Shabby Apple. How cool is that? She's a pretty talented go-getter who is still humble and loads of fun. And her dresses? Beautiful. Shabby Apple is having a 20% site-wide sale, so I went ahead and purchased this pretty thing in cobalt blue. Serenade. I like the name, too. And don't you worry for a second... I'll be taking pictures and posting when it arrives. (Did I just commit myself to that? I think so...sigh) Here is the other one too. Rhapsody. I think I'll name my first child Rhapsody. (Who am I?)

... I have a tan. But you'd never know it. You probably think I'm the whitest person you've ever seen. I probably am. But. But, the skin you can see has seen the sun. And gosh darn it, it's tan. Freckly, yes. But nevertheless, still tan.

... I'm also addicted to this crazy little beta app for android called Sea Battle Live. Thanks a lot, Brian. I play it on my phone every day. Every. single. day. I know the attraction will fade soon enough, as it has with Draw Something and Words with Friends. I know, strange that my attraction to a word game has faded--I think I just value my time (and my naps) more than I do games right now. But for now, it's a fun little blow-em-up little game.

... All the pictures you're going to see coming up on future blog posts are from my phone. I apologize in advance for the fuzziness and poor quality. My phone doesn't take half bad pictures. But maybe they're a quarter bad.

... Häagen-Dazs. Three flavors. Vanilla. Chocolate chocolate chip. Pistachio. Oh, that pistachio. One scoop of each. Tiny bites of each flavor on the spoon at the same time. I'm kind of addicted.

... I've driven 7,000 miles in the last six months. I can prove it. :)

... I think I've revealed all my current guilty pleasures tonight. Who does that all in one sitting?

... I really love my life.

... Is 12:12 lucky just like 11:11? I hope so because that's when I'm posting this.

Love you all and happy birthday to the USA and happy liberty-filled lives to us!

... Um, I just noticed that my last post was also posted at 12:12. Exactly 12 hours ago. I think this is a sign. A good one, I hope. :)


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Still standing on the face...

of the earth, if not the blogosphere. Sorry for my absence. Like you care. But I do. And I will be catching you up on regular programming. Promise. A few trips. A few purchases. A few pictures. :) It will be fun. We'll have tea. Well, I'll have tea. You'll have to make yourself some and pull up a chair and pretend like we're tea-ing together.

But for now... happy birthday to my Fit today and happy birthday to our country tomorrow!

(Oh, and this whole new blogger dashboard interface thing... I guess I'll get used to it. Supposedly it's streamlined to make things easier for me to find. I don't see it that way, yet. But I'll give it time. Change. Pshaw.)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Jackson Hole!

"Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs."
~Susan Sontag

Prior to my trip to South Dakota and beyond, I had never been to Wyoming. Crazy since it's one of Utah's five neighbors (six, if you count New Mexico's corner meeting up at Four Corners - a place I'd like to go someday) and I've been here a little while now. So less than two weeks after returning from the South Dakota trip, KDJ and I went on my ward trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Wyoming, twice in one month!

On our way, we saw these huge beautiful clouds. Pretty quickly when we saw the gray smoke, we realized they were plumes of smoke coming from a nearby forest fire. We stopped to take pictures because the view was unlike any I'd ever seen. It was getting worse by the second. I said a silent prayer for those firefighters and prayed that no homes were being destroyed. It was just so big and it seemed so close.

As we continued on to Jackson, we were winding further and further away from the fire, until we couldn't see it at all. We spent two days/nights in Jackson. We wandered around downtown.

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to pose in front of the antler arch.

We hung out at the pool at our resort, The Snow King Resort, and played cards. (No pictures of that.) We also went to dinner as a ward at Bar J Chuckwagon in Wilson, WY. It's a western supper and music show, taking you back to the Old West with ribs and beans for dinner and authentic cowboy entertainment.

One of my favorite things to do is take a ski lift up a mountain during the summer. So we took the scenic chair lift up the mountain.

The views from the top were stunning.

Can you see why I like scenic chair lift rides?

On our last day in Jackson, we drove north a bit toward the Tetons and to try to see some bison. Although KDJ refused to let me drive down a narrow dirt road to get an up close and personal photo with the buffs, we were lucky to get some good views of both the mountain range and my buffs... from afar.

This trip made me realize a few things. 1-Don't rely on your cell phone camera to take great scenic shots or they'll be a little blurry. 2-Jackson is actually really fun and relaxing. 3- My car gets excellent gas mileage 4-Yellowstone National Park is really not that far and I should go. Next time, I'd really would like to go all the way north and see Old Faithful!

(Written July 14, 2013)

Monday, June 18, 2012

South Dakota and beyond. Day Five: Custer State Park and Drive Home.

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware."
~Martin Buber

After checking out of our hotel, we drove to downtown Rapid City and walked around the City of Presidents, which is a series of life-sized bronze statues of former U.S. Presidents. The statues are pretty cool and it's a quaint downtown.

Of course, I had to find George (Washington) and give him a kiss for old-time's sake.

We also wanted to drive by Mount Rushmore one more time on our way out of South Dakota. In doing so, we got a little "lost" and ended up on a very curvy road through Custer State Park and the Black Hill National Forest. It was BEAUTIFUL! So beautiful that we hardly took time to take any pictures. Thanks to Katie for the few we have.

Brian kept apologizing for getting us "lost" because he knew that it would cause us to arrive back in Salt Lake City later than planned. I really didn't care because it was one of the most beautiful stretches of road I've ever been on. I think it's called Needles Highway. Not sure, though. We were "lost" remember? At one point we were on a paved path through the trees, only wide enough for one car. (I think there was a corresponding path a way off for cars going in the other direction, but we couldn't see it.) It really felt like heaven. There wasn't another car in sight during the stretch of the road and I felt like we were in some sort of fairy land because it hardly seemed like a car should even be there.

It was a perfect surprise and really proved to us how incredibly beautiful The Black Hills area is. Really stunning and very much worth the trip. Worth the crazy hot windy! weather we experienced driving back home across Wyoming. We stopped in Wyoming only long enough to get gas a few times and in the thriving metropolis of Casper, we called Shepherd and sang to him for his birthday! Something that probably won't ever happen again. The call from Casper, not the singing. :)

Next time, I'd like to got to Badlands National Park also. I seriously had no idea South Dakota had so much to offer!

(Written July 13, 2013)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

South Dakota and beyond. Day Four: Devils Tower.

"Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember,
and remember more than I have seen."
~Benjamin Disraeli

On Sunday, we attended sacrament meeting at an LDS ward in Rapid City, which was fairly near Storybook Island, a children's storybook themed park with free admission (thanks, Brian!), where we had planned to eat our picnic lunch. Unfortunately, they don't allow food and beverages inside, so we walked across the street and found a picnic table underneath a tree and ate there before we made our way through the park.

Storybook Island's mission, as stated on their website, "is to provide a free, safe, educational environment for those young in years, or young at heart, to experience the power of imagination."

It was a hot day, but we had fun roaming around.

After we got our fill of playing around, we set out for Devils Tower, which is actually in northeastern Wyoming, about an hour an a half from Rapid City, SD.

It really is a site to see, even from far away. Teddy Roosevelt designated Devils Tower the nation's first national monument in 1906.

The tower stands 865 feet high and is actually the core of a volcano which has been exposed for millions of years.

There are rocks and boulders at the base of tower which are broken pieces of columns that have fallen from the sides. It's kind of strange because there is a whole lot of nothing surrounding the tower. Just trees and land.

We walked around the base of the tower along the 1.3 mile "Tower Trail," Along the way, I was given the Native American name, "Shady Face." I bet you can guess why. Although the tower is open every day of every month of the year for climbing, the month of June has been established as a voluntary closure for all climbing routes on the Tower out of respect for Summer Solstice and traditional cultural activities of American Indians.

The voluntary closure has been implemented each June since 1996, and has proven successful: the average number of climbers in June has seen an 85% reduction. Despite this request to respect the traditional cultural activities of the Native Americans, people still climb. In fact, that day there were at least three or four people climbing. It definitely looked pretty intense.

Our country is chock-full of amazing natural geological formations. This was just amazing to see.

That night we planned to go back to Mount Rushmore to attend "the evening program" and see the monument at night.

We gathered in the amphitheater for a short patriotic program, with the monument in the background. Sitting behind us was a family with a little girl named Emery. She was about four or five and was very surprised (as was I) to hear that there was someone else named Emery.

At the end of the presentation, all members of the audience who had served or are currently serving were asked to come up on stage for the lowering of the U.S. flag. I was a little surprised at how many there were. There were over 50, I think. As they left the stage, they each touched the flag and spoke their name. their branch of the military, and what war (if any) they served in. There were veterans from every war since WW II. It was really moving. Even little Emery's dad got up on stage.

(Written July 13, 2013)