Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A happy life with a few guilty pleasures.

"Don't put off your happy life."
~Anyone Smart

Okay, so now that I've broken the silence, I feel like I can share all my random thoughts again. Like...

... I know you've missed me (come on, indulge me...just nod and smile), so I'm including a picture of me so you remember what I look like. And no I don't always wear glasses, but I am about the blindest person I know. Except for my friend Janet. She's definitely blinder. You know, the kind of blind that only makes you a candidate for hard contacts and not soft. Coke-bottle-blind.

... A picture of me at the top of this post ensures that I will post again soon, so I don't see myself full screen every time I come to my blog. The picture of Will and Kate was just fine. But a picture of me... don't worry, I'll move that down soon with a new post.

... I'm addicted to the Bachelorette. Okay, now don't get all judgmental on me. I don't even own a TV. I don't watch any other TV, especially no other reality TV. But I really love the Bachelorette/Bachelor. Especially this season. (Don't worry, I hated last season. Ben and Courtney? Ugh.) But, I just love Emily. She's just got a good head on her shoulders. I didn't know I could love a blonde, Barbie doll with a brain, southern belle as much as I do. But I do. And heaven knows I love Arie and his kissing. My goodness. I think he's in the top three for his sweet lip-locking moves alone. He's a pretty tasty treat, I tell ya. But there are two more: Sean and Jef with one f. This is going to be tough. I'm already nervous. Decisions, decisions. What to do? What to do? Eek. I'll get through it. ;)

... I love fireworks. Love them. I had a really-no-so-great day at work today. Felt like crying and screaming and punching people in the face. All at the same time. (Be happy you weren't there.) But tonight, I went to a fireworks show (the 3rd of July one I've gone to every year for the last 6 years--each of the four years prior to that, I was out of the country) and the fireworks lighting up the sky and ka-booming deep into my chest cavities immediately elevated my mood. Because let's face was not fun. People stepping on my blanket spread out on the grass so neat and perfect was not so fun (when did I turn into a blanket nazi with a nasty stink eye punishment for those who cross into my territory?). But fireworks spraying through the sky to a round of patriotic songs. Yeah, enough to warm up a girl's cold heart. Love them.

... So, my lovely friend Sharona is a clothes designer. And she has two new dresses being sold by Shabby Apple. How cool is that? She's a pretty talented go-getter who is still humble and loads of fun. And her dresses? Beautiful. Shabby Apple is having a 20% site-wide sale, so I went ahead and purchased this pretty thing in cobalt blue. Serenade. I like the name, too. And don't you worry for a second... I'll be taking pictures and posting when it arrives. (Did I just commit myself to that? I think so...sigh) Here is the other one too. Rhapsody. I think I'll name my first child Rhapsody. (Who am I?)

... I have a tan. But you'd never know it. You probably think I'm the whitest person you've ever seen. I probably am. But. But, the skin you can see has seen the sun. And gosh darn it, it's tan. Freckly, yes. But nevertheless, still tan.

... I'm also addicted to this crazy little beta app for android called Sea Battle Live. Thanks a lot, Brian. I play it on my phone every day. Every. single. day. I know the attraction will fade soon enough, as it has with Draw Something and Words with Friends. I know, strange that my attraction to a word game has faded--I think I just value my time (and my naps) more than I do games right now. But for now, it's a fun little blow-em-up little game.

... All the pictures you're going to see coming up on future blog posts are from my phone. I apologize in advance for the fuzziness and poor quality. My phone doesn't take half bad pictures. But maybe they're a quarter bad.

... Häagen-Dazs. Three flavors. Vanilla. Chocolate chocolate chip. Pistachio. Oh, that pistachio. One scoop of each. Tiny bites of each flavor on the spoon at the same time. I'm kind of addicted.

... I've driven 7,000 miles in the last six months. I can prove it. :)

... I think I've revealed all my current guilty pleasures tonight. Who does that all in one sitting?

... I really love my life.

... Is 12:12 lucky just like 11:11? I hope so because that's when I'm posting this.

Love you all and happy birthday to the USA and happy liberty-filled lives to us!

... Um, I just noticed that my last post was also posted at 12:12. Exactly 12 hours ago. I think this is a sign. A good one, I hope. :)



rawhide said...

i like your update! i'm glad you're back. yes, i read your blog.

Giles Family said...

Oh I love you.. you had me at haagen daz!! I was cracking up on the tan part! You're so funny. Snow white was the fairest in the land and she's famous. You are too in my book.... freckles or not. :) You have an official travel bug.. in car or plane you are off. I'm jealous. One day when I'm out traveling the world I hope you still want to come with me. Much love!

Agnieska said...

dažniausiai, ir aš nežiūriu bachelorette... bet šį kartą suintrigavo Emily istorija ir ji pati kaip asmenybė. Įdomu ką ji išsirinks. Man tai toks vaizdas (sprendžiant iš preview), kad nei vieno. Shawn buvo tinkamiausias jos norimai šeimai... bent jau aš taip manau.
nu... lauksiu nuotraukų iš tavo naujo namo. dabar važiuoju į parduotuvė ieškot haagen daz ledų.

Brooke said...

Yay! So glad you're back! Hurry up and blog about your house already! I've been patiently waiting! Myliu!

Sharon Young said...

Oh, how I've missed you. I'm LOVING your updates. But don't think I'm not incredibly aware that there is A LOT MISSING.

I'm so glad you got serenade! You're a good friend. And it's definitely my favorite of the two and I think it would look beautiful on you. It's perfect for statuesque, curvy bombshells like yourself. :)

I miss you.

That is all.