Monday, July 09, 2012

If You Moust, You Moust.

"Pink is the navy blue of India."
~Diana Vreeland

Disclaimer/Apology/Writer's Note: I told you I'd hurry up and push that last picture of me lower into the depths of blog archives by blogging again soon... you just didn't know it was going to be replaced by a picture of my feet, did you? Don't you worry. Once again, this is incentive to blog again soon. What will be up next? Hmmm...

Last Saturday, I decided I'd gone long enough without a professional pedicure. I'll admit that I used to frequent the nail salon at least every two or three months and get a pedicure. But when I started re-prioritizing my funds so that I could make a certain larger purchase top-priority (more blogging on that later), I eased off the self-pampering indulgent whims.

But by Saturday, I'd had enough. Really. My toes were a mess and no amount of my own babying of them was going to make a difference anymore. So off to Sky Nails I drove. In an unexpected move, I veered from my almost religious allegiance to OPI's reddish hue "I'm Not Really A Waitress" and picked out three colors--all pink. (I know. This kind of news, unprecedented change in polish color, is definitely front-page-worthy.) Nothing screams summer more than a bright pink toenails, right? So, I brought all three shades to the chair and continued to mull over my choice as my feet soaked. Finally, with the help of my new found friend, Susan, in the seat next to me, I went with "If "You Moust, You Moust."

"If You Moust, You Moust" is the quintessential pink polish. It has this creamy bright Pepto Bismol look. (Hate it already? Don't.) Perfectly bright, yet light and feminine, its shiny creme finish looks great, makes me smile every time I see my toes, and is a perfect divergence from my norm. I will, however, admit that every time I've looked at my toes since Saturday, I have done a mental double-take and reminded myself that these are, in fact, MY toes. My PINK toes.

So for the first pedicure of the year -- Yes, it IS the first of 2012... all you who think I pamper myself all the time, pshaw. I haven't had one since December -- so for the first of the year, I think it was a success. AND I met a new friend, Susan, who also did her toes pink. All in all, a perfect Saturday splurge.

And that, my friends, is exactly what you wanted to read about (not to mention, be forced to see a picture) today, right? Thought so.



Mikol Alder said...

This is the next thing on my list to do when Zane will let me go.

Anonymous said...

While I am not fond of the content I do love the color change!!

by Kimberlee St. Clair said...

I was checking out your toes tonight too... thinking, "how did she find the perfect pink?" Now I know... I might have to splurge on a new polish...