Saturday, November 05, 2011

Falling Back and Humble Pie.

"The way we communicate with others and with ourselves
ultimately determines the quality of our lives."

~Tony Robbins

Fall Leaves. October 2011.

Oh, how I'm looking forward to falling back tonight! I have been increasingly more excited for the end of Daylight Savings Time in the past two weeks because it has been so incredibly dark in the mornings. I can hardly wait.

This morning it snowed. Gosh, it's freezing. I'm just not quite ready for it yet this year. I don't know why. I shouldn't be surprised it snowed since it's November, but I am still in the wearing shoes with no socks mode. I still haven't posted any fall color pictures and now I've already taken some snow pictures. I guess I'll just have to fit them in.

So in case anyone is waiting for an update from this post, I've gone out with the man without an appropriately anonymous/ambiguous blog nickname several times now. Four times, to be exact, over the past five weeks. It's good. I'm cautious. But, I'm honest too... and I like him. I'm enjoying spending time with him and getting to know him and that's about all I'm going to say right now. For heaven's sake, I'm pretty sure he's found my blog at some point, though he's never said anything about it. He's a smart cookie though. So for now, I'm just zipping my lips a little. Surprised? Go ahead, start making bets about how long I can hold it in...

With the help of a few people in my life (including above-mentioned-man), I've come to the conclusion (again) that I'm a decidedly extroverted person, an outward thinker, a talker. When I'm asked a question or attempting to make a decision, my thought process is out loud. Sometimes I feel like that's wonderful, open, and refreshing, and an opportunity to be heard and understood. Other times I feel like it's dangerous, intense, and overwhelming, and an opportunity to be way too vulnerable. Man without a nickname claims he likes my extroverted nature, so that's a plus.

But about a week or two ago, I ran across a pin on Pinterest, which simply said:

Have you PRAYED about it as much as you've TALKED about it?

Wow. That was a dose of humble pie, if I've ever had one. Kick in the pants, I tell you.

I've been talking a lot about man without a nickname. (BTW, this will NOT be his nickname. It's still too soon to have one, I think. Plus all the ones people have come up with are too revealing of his true identity.) I've been talking a lot because I'm thinking a lot. Too much, I'm told. I think, therefore I speak. When I am dating someone or figuring out a relationship, I tend to think about all the what-ifs and entertain countless scenarios, countless possible reasons for certain words or actions, countless possibilities, when really I should just be. Just live. Just enjoy. Just love. Just be me. After all, man without a nickname decided to ask me out when I was just me, when I didn't even know he was looking.

Just be me and give up all those unproductive tendencies to over-analyze, question, and self-sabotage to God. He guides my path. And if I'm really honest with myself (with a healthy dose of hindsight), my path is really wonderful. It's just what I need for me to grow and learn and enjoy and simply have fun. It's mine and I love it.

Oh and since it actually did snow today, here's a shot for you. :)

Happy Novwinter!


by Kimberlee St. Clair said...

Well spoken. Pray, ponder, and the answers will come. I'm excited that you're excited.

Anonymous said...

When did you tak ethat autumn photo of you and the leaves?


eclaires said...

I took that picture one Sunday afternoon when I drove up into Little Cottonwood Canyon after church. I was by myself, so I set it on the passenger side mirror on a timer. :)

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

I LOVE this picture, probably more than I love a lever.

Bethany said...

Love this post. Love the update. Can't wait to hear more. Oh, and love the little lace jacket thingy you are wearing in the picture. You are just too cute.

Sharon Young said...

PS -- I love your top. LOVE! You look fab.