Sunday, July 17, 2011

Beauty Begins at 6 Feet.

"Always wear expensive shoes. People notice."
~Brian Koslow

Today I taught Gospel Doctrine class--a beautiful lesson on Christ's resurrection and his unconditional gift to all. We too, will be resurrected, as he was, to an immortal perfect body. Really beautiful lesson. So, as I was getting ready for church, I stood in front of my closet, as many women do, vacillating between flats and these new 4-inch+ heels that my Mom bought me yesterday.

Flats--totally comfortable, cute, easy to run up and down stairs, keep me 5'10".

Heels--tall, leg-slenderizing, peep toe to show off the pedicure I got with Mom yesterday, sexy, fun...they totally won.

And I'm glad they did because a gentleman in my class came up to me afterward to thank me for a great lesson, followed by, "and thank you for having the courage to wear heels," or something like that. I laughed and relayed to him my inner battle with the two opposing voices in my head this morning, mentioning how I wondered if they "make me too tall," since they are 4-inch heels and I'm already 5'10". He stopped and said, "Oh, no. Not too tall at all." And with a kind smile, he continued, "Beauty begins at 6 feet."

Well, how's that for a compliment. :) Kind of made my day.

Oh, and I got my hair done with Mom yesterday. Many thanks to Amber for returning me to my more natural color. (Don't mind my end of the day face.)

And tonight's sunset lured me outside. That tree is obviously dead, but I love it.

C25k W2D2 tomorrow. Wish me luck. Good night!

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