Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My Halloween celebration started last Saturday night when we went to at This is the Place Heritage Park for Kristine's birthday. The first scream of the night, of course, came from M in the parking lot before even entering through the gates. :) Somehow this didn't surprise me.

On Monday evening, M and I went to our ward Halloween Blowout. Having it on Monday, in conjuction with the Ward Family Home Evening activity was a nice start to the Halloween week. It definitely got me more in the mood and reminded me that every holiday (birthdays included) should be celebrated for longer than just the one day, so you can really enjoy it!

M went as Monk as a safety patrol officer. If you aren't familiar with the television series Monk (you should be), Adrian Monk is an obsessive-compulsive detective in San Francisco who believes strongly in things such as hand sanitizer and color coordinated jelly beans. True to his character, M carried his wipes around everywhere. Oh and his orange safety cones. Yes, his cones were definitely germ-free as was just about everything in his path that night. Very funny. He stayed in character practically the entire night; it was great. In this picture, Monk was saving a seat for me. How kind. :) The look on his face just makes me laugh!

As part of the Halloween festivities, there was a pie-throwing event all in the name of the Friends of Scouting Fundraiser and the Ward Mission Fund. I was volunteered, thanks to Brian, to be one of the recipients of these whipped cream face plants. :) As you follow the series of pictures you can see me go from being happy, to slightly anxious because I was the last one to get a pie in my face, to face planted with whipped cream, to completely drenched in whipped cream.

I was the last one without pie in my face... but not for long. Oh no, if you could see the look on Sherry's face. (She's the one in the pirate costume.)

How do you do?

Oh Jason, you didn't. He did.

Then on Wednesday night, in keeping with the Halloween spirit, M and I carved pumpkins.
Every time I have ever carved a pumpkin, I have had these grand ideas of how elaborate my design is going to be, but I have always ended up free-handing the design and it looks like every other typical jack-o-lantern. Boring. So this time, I decided that I really wanted it to be more of a work of art.
M chose a witch on a broom which, I think, turned out splendidly. And my first atempt at ever using a stencil resulted in the bat motif on the right. This also was the first time I have ever shaved the pumpkin without actually cutting all the way through, which I have always wanted to try. Although, I learned that you have to shave the pumpkin very very thin to get the glowing effect I was looking for, I like the way it turned out.

Happy Halloween!


Mrs. Cheeseball said...

I LOVE HALLOWEEN! And I am glad you are celebrating it long in advance of the actual day. I think I am in favor of that as well.

Man--you've had a great week. Woohoo!

Amiee said...

Oh "M" is cute! Yay for cute boys! Looks like y'all had a good fun time. Love the pie in the face. You look sooo cute holding your awesome pumpkin. Love it.

Nancela said...

Where to start?? 1. Loved "M's" costume! His placing of the cones reminded me of dad, ha ha. 2. LOVED the pie in the face!! ha ha ha great photographer. 3. Very nice pumpkins. At first I couldn't even tell what yours was but lit up it looks beautiful. You two are a boooo tiful couple.

Joe and AnnMarie said...

I just noticed you have more posts this month than any other month this year....hmmm, and they are mostly about M...hmmmm, and you finally posted a picture of him...hmmmmm. I miss you..when can I see you again?

Kimberlee St. Clair said...

You are absolutely GLOWING in all the pictures...LOVE IT! I love dressing up...I can't wait for tomorrow...

Camille said...

You've unmasked the infamous "M"! And he's just as handsome as I had pictured him. :)
But the best is the huge permagrin that is obvious when you're around him. (or talk about him)
Sounds like you have had a fun Halloween! Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

well as always you look so well in your pics--as does M. I think he made a fine Monk. Oh and thanks for finally posting the answers, I got two of them--guess I am using the wrong side of my brain.


Joan said...

Okay, do you even know that Teddy Ruxpin and I were BEST FRIENDS! I remember walking around alone outside and talking to him endlessly (thankfully, giving my poor Mother a break from my incessant talking as a child!)
I LOVE that you brought him up. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I thought it was time for me to get my act together and comment on yours. You know, share the love. That's what it is all about, right?
You are a dear. Let's be friends :)

Joan said...

ps: I love the name Emerson for a boy b/c I am obsessed with Ralph Waldo Emerson but I am having this obnoxious dilemma (and I don't even know why I am thinking about this right now b/c I'm not even close to pregnant)...BUT I have met a girl Emerson and I have heard that it is a semi popular girls name. Okay, last thing I want to do is name my boy a girl's name!
SO...LOOOONG story short: I just adore your name and it makes me happy that it is kind of like I think I will have a girl named Emery and forget Emerson for a boy altogether. Maybe I should consult my husband first. No, wait...maybe I should get pregnant first! Either way, I need to "consult" my husband!
This comment is so RIDICULOUSLY LONG and RANDOM. haha. Oh. Well.

TTT said...

Your jack o'lanterns were very tasteful. Well done. As you know, I do not love Halloween, which comes from a bad experience I had in the fifith grade when I trick or treated for UNICEF with a boy who looked like Alfred E. Neumann from MAD Magazine. He dressed like a bum (type casting) and lit his cigar with a flame from a jack o' lantern's candle and proceeded to blow smoke for the entire evening. Halloween was just never the same after that. But your Halloween week looked like fun!

Sonda said...

I had no idea you were stalking me so I'm glad you said something. email me sometime and let me know how to contact you. ds(dot)martin(at)comcast(dot)net

Oh how I miss being single! I had so much fun in my young adult wards and it looks like you are doing the same! Happy Halloween!