Monday, October 06, 2008

Twenty years is a long time.

So lately, I've realized that I generally wake up in slight discomfort. My neck and back feel stiff and sore. I'm a back and side sleeper, so I've tried more pillows, less pillows, even new pillows, which of course help, but don't solve the problem. It's just my bed. I sleep on a twin bed, which isn't the problem, but I'm sleeping on the twin bed that I got for my birthday twenty years ago. Yes, you read that correctly. Twenty years ago, my mom bought one of only four or five pieces of furniture she's ever purchased new in her life. (She's amazing at finding great pieces of furniture at garage and estate sales, not to mention has an eye for spotting perfectly good pieces sitting on the sidewalk for the taking.) It's a trundle bed, so it has two mattresses. I've switched around the mattresses so many times, that neither one is better than the other anymore. I'm just sad because I don't want the cause of my stiff back problems to be my bed because unfortunately, I have no plans to remedy the situation by buying a new bed anytime soon. My twin bed fits perfectly in my room and the next time I buy a bed, it will be a King size bed... :) and that won't fit in my room. So I'll survive. But twenty years is a long time!


Kimberlee St. Clair said...

I have to laugh because Jared and I were just talking about Felicity's mattress...and how, we should probably buy her a new one....It's been a good mattress....been through five girls. It started as my FIRST "big girl bed" mattress...then, it was Rebekah's, Kristi's, Linsey's, and now, Felicity', I can completely relate...and, the only thing that has made it more comfortable is a used four inch foam topper! lol.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the post. I really enjoy reading your writings.

(friend of st clairs)

Nancy said...

you should seriously look on Craigs list under free or in the local newspaper for a good deal on a new bed. It is not for you to sleep on such an old mattress! Silly

Joe and AnnMarie said...

Emery, you can buy a good twim mattress for a reasonable price. Then you or one of your kids can use it for the next twenty years. How miserable to wake up sore every morning. But I know what you mean about getting everything you can from a mattress...we are doing the same thing, but it is only when I am pregnant (when I can't sleep) that I realize it is way too old.