Sunday, October 16, 2011

Italia: Day 8.

"Every one soon or late comes round by Rome."
~Robert Browning Hamilton

And finally the time came for our day in Rome!

Jenn and Tory deplaning
Exiting the back of the plane

We flew back from Cagliari to Rome, where we boarded a bus, picked up our tour guide who, by the way, had a perfect American accent, which he'd apparently acquired going to graduate school at Texas A&M (he worked diligently not to acquire a Texas accent), and we were off driving around Rome. We had all of 4 or 5 hours in the city, which is practically a sin. One could spend two weeks in Rome and still not have seen everything there is to see. There are ruins and ancient diddly-doos EVERYWHERE. But I'll take four hours in Rome over nothing any day. Plus, it just gives me reason/motivation to go back because now I know what I'm missing out on. :)

Emery in front of St. Peter's Square in Rome
First stop: St. Peter's Square in Vatican City (a separate country, thus fulfilling my wish to add two countries to my list this year).

What a beautiful sight. Having missed the Pope by just a few hours, we were relegated to just looking at the upper right window of his bedroom (even though he was actually back at his summer residence until the heat dissipated enough to return).

The Pope's bedroom window is in the upper right hand corner of the building, with his office window just to the left.
As I walked around the square, I just had a "moment," realizing how amazing it really was that here I was just standing in Rome, no in Vatican City.

Emery, Kristen, Blythe, and Jessica in Vatican City.

I wish we had time to go into the Sistine Chapel, but alas we did not. This was a working vacation, remember, so tourist-ing was minimal.

We stopped to eat lunch just outside the gates of Vatican City at this casual cafeteria-style joint. I have to say that I had the most delicious meat and cheese tortellini ever. Maybe it was also because it was Roman, but really... it was delicious. And, of course, that meal was followed by gelato.

Our cafe was attached to a Vatican shop with lots of interesting things, everything you'd expect to find in the Catholic Church's headquarters.

Making his way through the city, the driver strategically drove past several interesting sites in downtown Rome. We weren't able to get out everywhere, but we still saw quite a bit. (Excuse the from-the-bus-photos.)

There are ruins everywhere in Rome.

More ruins around every corner.

The Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II

Next stop: The ruins of the Imperial Palace.

Not only are Palatine Hill and the ruins of the Imperial Palace complex a sight to see, but it also had a drinking fountain from a natural spring. Apparently there are a few like this around the city. You can either fill your water bottle from the "faucet" or you block off the spout and make it drinking fountain.

Emery and Lisa

Salt Lake Vocal Artists - ITALY
Rome, Italy
September 2011

Next stop: The Colosseum. Really? I'm in Rome? I get to see the Colosseum? Seriously, whose life am I living?! It's charmed, I know. I'm grateful.

Construction on the Colosseum start in 72 A.D. It was used for gladiator contests, executions (wow), re-enactments of battle, and other dramatic productions.

Kristen and Emery

Salt Lake Vocal Artists - ITALY
Rome, Italy
September 2011

What a dream! Like I said, I saw just enough of Rome to make me want to go back... for two weeks! :)

After our day in Rome, we said goodbye to our guide and continue driving north up into Tuscany.

The competition, 59° Concorso Polifonico Internazionale Guido d'Arezzo, was held in Arezzo and we stayed just outside the city in a small town called Monte San Savino. The drive was just beautiful... Tuscany is beautiful. Stay tuned. There are just three more days to post. :)

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I love seeing you in all these wonderful places. Thanks for the hours and hours you spend practicing so you can share your music around the world. I love you.