Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Amber's Fever Is Gone.

"Once you choose hope, anything's possible."
~Christopher Reeve

*This post is an update in a series of posts on my friend Amber, who is currently in the hospital. You can read the earlier posts here.

**Also, the family has set up a blog to keep friends and family abreast of what's going on and also to help reduce the feeling of obligation to update everyone individually. Most of the posts will be duplicates of my posts on this blog, since the family has asked me to update the blog for them.


Good news - no fever last night with no fever-reducing medication. This is great!

Another positive development is that beginning last night, the nurses were able to lower the blood pressure medication, which is keeping her blood pressure elevated to a healthy level. This means that her body is doing a little more work on its own. This is definitely a good sign.

Today, she was receiving the coma-inducing meds at a steady Level 4. To give you some idea what that means, it will help to know that she was at a Level 4 on Sunday afternoon (after the first attempt at waking her up) and then they gradually decreased the medication again to a Level 2 by Monday night. Yesterday, when they tried to continue lowering the meds below a Level 2 and she began seizing, they raised her back up to a Level 5 to calm her brain. So today, they brought her back down to a Level 4.

Once again, we have to remind ourselves that the doctors said this would be a process. They'll calm her brain again to a point when they feel like they can try weaning her off the meds again, and try again to wake her up without any seizure activity. The doctors remain hopeful and positive.

Everything else looks good today.

We can't thank you enough for your continued prayers, thoughts, love and for sharing that with us through the comments on this blog. It has been so uplifting to read your thoughts and know of your love for Amber. We thank you. Now let's just pray a little harder that Amber will wake up for us soon.

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Amanda Cheek said...

I don't personally know Amber. She is my cousin Brooke Huntsman's friend. I have been patiently following her story since Brooke posted her need for prayers on FB. I can tell just by what has been written that she is a super strong individual and quite the fighter. I am rather impressed. Please tell her friends and family that there are people (like me) that she is teaching eventhough she is sleeping. I get to pray for her and that's a blessing. Please know that I am praying for her and her family and children especially, and I have faith that she is in the lords hands. I have hope that she will be healed and will return to her family soon. Thanks for the updates! Im happy to hear her fever went down. Get well very soon Amber! We're all fighting for you! Love from St. George -Amanda