Saturday, August 28, 2010

Amber: Quick Saturday Morning Update.

She's doing such a good job! This is the furthest she has been able to wake up with no seizure activity. Keep on keepin' on, Amber! Viskas bus gerai, kaip visada.

Good Morning.
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. 12 January 2004

Amber has done very well warming up after the cryo therapy machine was turned off at around 1pm yesterday afternoon. The coma-inducing medication was turned off at about 1030am, so she was warming up/waking up without that medication.

This is the furthest she has come with no seizure activity. Her brain activity is looking better than it did last night, but still has a ways to go. She has had more eye flickering and coughing, which just means she is waking up.

It's still a long road before she wakes up but this is a huge step to go that long without seizing. The doctor is very pleased with her progress.

Keep those prayers coming to continue to normalize her brain activity and to sustain her as she is waking up. We are so grateful to you for joining your prayers with ours!

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Nancy said...

Good Morning Beautiful Em!! Those clouds will most definitely bring Amber home! She loves you and she loves your clouds. Thanks for this early morning update and inspiration. I will not stop talking to Amber today. She can do it! xoxoxox