Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thankful for Glee. It makes me happy.

"Glee, one of the season's best and most anticipated new series, delivers on both counts - and more. It's a quirky, sweet, humorous, nonpartisan funfest."
~Tim Goodman, San Francisco Chronicle

So you might think it's a little much for me to be "thankful for" the television show Glee, but I love it and it brightens my week. And for that, I'm thankful.

If you haven't tuned in to watch at least an episode or two of Fox television's new show Glee, then you're missing out. Seriously. But don't worry, you can always catch the most recent five episodes on Hulu or on Fox's website. Also, the DVDs of the first half of the season will be released December 29th, I'm told.

So the premise? This high-school Spanish teacher (played by Matthew Morrison) attempts to revive the Glee Club to its former glory. He's optimistic that the eclectic group of performers will make it to Regionals. Of course there are lot of side stories weaved throughout and a lot of singing and dancing in between. Like this...

And this...

Glee club geeks are totally my style. Just watch this teaser from the premiere.

Do you not just want to get up and dance? No? Really? Well, I do. Maybe that's why I sang, acted, and danced my way through high school. What can I say? I'm a total Gleek. :)

Cast photo found here.


Lindsay RC Wilson said...

So, after Travis watched the episode with Single Ladies, I couldn't get that song out of my head for a week. Here comes another week. Hope Leoni is ok with that.

Amiee said...

wow, i've never seen the show but now you are making me want to check it out! guess i will!

Bethany said...

I love this show. i just watch the last 5 episodes on Sunday. BEST Sunday of my life!