Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Economic Stimulus.

So I was pretty excited about the idea of getting my economic stimulus check from the government. They kept saying it would be anywhere from $300-$600. I told myself to only expect $300. That way if I got more, I'd be pleasantly surprised.

After filing my taxes, I waited anxiously to see my tax return direct deposited, followed by my economic stimulus check. I kept waiting and waiting. Finally my return arrived and I was VERY pleased. This year's tax return allowed me to get fully out of debt one month earlier than I had planned. Upon celebrating my new debt-free status, I promptly forgot about my stimulus check. So about two weeks ago, one night while checking my online banking, I was rather confused. A deposit of $600 even had come in from the US Treasury. "That couldn't be my state tax return." Out loud, I even said, "What IS that??" Even though I'd so been so excited at the prospect of receiving "free money" from the government, it took me a full two minutes or so to figure out what it was, once it came. Slow eclaires. I suppose I had tried so hard not to think about the free money very much (in case for some reason I didn't qualify) that I actually talked myself out of thinking I'd get anything at all.

Well, I certainly was pleasantly surprised. Free money! Who wouldn't be happy?! :) I hope you all are enjoying your stimulus checks also.


Andrea said...

Woohoo!!!! I, too, was sooo happy when I checked my account one day and found that exciting increase as well! Yah baby!

Nancy said...

What stimulus check?? lol Maybe I will quit looking and mine will come too

1/2 my heart in Afghanistan said...

I certainly enjoyed mine. Will help pay for my Masters. Hope they do it next year too. he he yah right!