Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stuttgart Sheep and Other Fun Photo Ops.

"A good snapshot stops a moment from running away."
~Eudora Welty

The day after I arrived from SLC, KDJ arrived from D.C. (Do you need anymore abbreviations?) We went straightway to get our military visitor cards so we could easily get on and off post both in Stuttgart and down in Garmisch. My fingerprints and photo are forever "in the system." KDJ told me that I can bag those plans of having a criminal streak in my future. Darn.

We drove past the popsicle stick roundabout, where I quickly fumbled for my camera, as you may be able to tell. I look at things like this and wonder why I on earth I never decided to be a modern artist. I could be a millionaire. :)

Before we even took KDJ home, we made several photo op stops along the way. We couldn't resist...

It's fall in Germany.

LOVE this!
This is a field where you can come to cut your own Blumen (flowers).
Cut whatever you'd like. They even provide the scissors.
Just drop your money in the bucket to pay.

Beautiful German Wolken.

KDJ and Andrew. October 2010.

Andrew and Emery. October 2010.
(Don't ask me what Andrew's doing with his hands--he was being silly.)

Andrew and Sarah. October 2010.

I loved this little shack on the hill by the sheep. 

Baa, baa, black sheep. Have you any wool?

We couldn't seem to get enough snapshots of the sheep. Trust me, I spared you from seeing a blog post of thirty pictures of sheep. They were quite enchanting, actually, just grazing in their own little world.

I love this picture!

The next day we were off to Ludwisburg Palace...