Sunday, September 19, 2010

Amber is Doing Amazing!

*This post is an update in a series of posts on my friend Amber, who is currently in the hospital. You can read the earlier posts here.

**Also, the family has set up a blog to keep friends and family abreast of what's going on and also to help reduce the feeling of obligation to update everyone individually. Most of the posts will be duplicates of my posts on this blog, since they have asked me to update the blog for them.


Good evening all!

What an amazing week this has been! Amber continues to improve with remarkable speed. She walked 500 feet on Friday, with a walker. She just gets stronger every day. Simply, amazing! She is breathing mostly on her own except for at night, so the doctors are hoping to be able to take the trach out fairly soon. They continue to have her use the speaking valve (the greenish blue valve on her trach), allowing her to talk and exercise her voice.

The kids have been able to come and see her several times. They've played and watched movies together. Having family time has been really wonderful for all of them.

JP, Amber, and kids on Sunday afternoon

Amber would like everyone to know how grateful she is to you all. She is grateful to be alive and told her mom today that she believes she is alive today because of all of you, all those who prayed for her, and she knows there were many. She is alive because her Father in Heaven heard and answered our prayers. Amber has such amazing faith, but has relied on your faith and prayers and she is so grateful. We are too. Thank you!

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Becky said...

What wonderful news! I'm so glad to hear things are going well.