Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Baby Bronson Update: Awake, Alert, Moving, and Smiling!

"The child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn't been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him."
~Pablo Casals

I've been following Sara Staker's blog updates on her baby boy Bronson since his drowning and near death on January 30th. (Story here.) A current resident of the PICU, he's been up and down over the last week and a half, but today, TODAY, he is back! Just thought you'd like an update. Though we have mutual friends, I don't know the Stakers personally, but I was so drawn to their story and have been sending my positive energy, thoughts, and prayers their way ever since I heard of the accident. Bronson now seems to be on the upswing! I'm thrilled. I started smiling, laughing, and crying all at once when I read today's first update. You can read Sara's updates and see new pictures here. So good to see that little boy smiling again!

Sara: Bronson, you, and your family are still in my prayers! Thanks for sharing the good news today!


Kimberlee Koplin Mills St. Clair said...

Wasn't the story heartbreaking and now prayers are being answered! There little family is so wonderful! Funny how you can be so touched and not even personally know this family...did you find out through Linsey? She nannied for them right before she had her little baby...

eclaires said...

I did hear about it from Linsey on Facebook, but as it turns out we have two other mutual friends.

I'm so happy that things are looking up for them!

Sherine said...

Emery.. I just read about this this morning.. goodness I am so glad things are starting to improve!

Nancy said...

What a miracle! What joy the family must be feeling!! Thanks for sharing this with us Em.

izzyhere said...

While this is a tragic story, my concern is; why would anyone leave a 16 month old. unattended, in a bathtub? Common sense should dictate use of prudent decision making. this was an example of very poor decision making, and the consequences, can be fatal. I hope further learning of child-parenting and potential hazards are at the fore, in the future.