Friday, February 05, 2010

Baby Bronson: Prayers Needed.

"Take heart, be filled with faith, and remember the Lord has said He 'would fight [our] battles, [our] children's battles, and [the battles of our] children's children' (Doctrine and Covenants 98:37)."
~Jeffrey R. Holland, "The Ministry of Angels, Ensign," Nov. 2008, 30

On Thursday, on Facebook, a friend tipped me off to a family desperately in need of prayers and good thoughts being sent their way. On Saturday January 30th, their 16-month-old baby boy Bronson, youngest of four boys, drowned in the master bathtub. Sara, the mom, performed CPR until the paramedics arrived, but by the time he arrived at the ER, he was in full cardiac arrest. He was intubated en route to the hospital, but it was entirely ineffective because the tube was mistakenly placed in his esophagus instead of his trachea. All resuscitation efforts were futile up to that point. He was DOA. But miraculously he was revived when his heart started beating spontaneously in the ER. He is alive. In the PICU, but alive.

Sara started blogging again, after a 16-month hiatus to keep family and friends apprised of their situation. Her last blog post had been the day after Bronson's birth. Ironic, she said, that her very next one was the day after they nearly lost him. Whether she intended it or not, the link to her blog has been forwarded to thousands, like me, who now are aware of their immediate need for prayers on behalf of their son and family. You can find her blog here. Sara very openly and candidly is sharing what happened and giving an update each day. In reading her initial post after the accident, I cried and cried. I'm not a mother, but I could so easily relate to her feelings and anguish. Her words are powerful and helped me to remember how fragile life is. She urged us to focus on what's most important and leave other things to be done later. This is what's most important to her right now:

Please take a look at her blog. If you don't have time to read, please say a prayer. I know I don't know this family personally. We have mutual friends, but I don't know the Stakers. But a prayer said is a prayer heard, in my book. And baby Bronson needs a miracle. If not just for him, for his mom. She needs a miracle.

Photo of Bronson borrowed from Sara Staker's blog.


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Amiee said...

OMG what a heartbreaking story. I could not stop crying while I read this. Had to link it on my blog, too. SO SAD!!!!!!