Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wanna cupcake? The answer is YES!

“When you look at a cupcake, you've got to smile.”
~Anne Byrn

Last night, I went out to dinner with the work girls (half of whom don't even work with us anymore) to a great little place called Blue Lemon Restaurant in Highland. If you live close by, you should check it out.

I had the Blue Lemon Portobello Burger, which was delicious! With a grilled portobello mushroom, caramelized onions, garlic and herbs, provolone and cheddar cheese, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, citrus pesto aioli and a splash of Blue Lemon vinaigrette on a Tuscan-herbed bun, I was in heaven! And as they promised, I never missed the meat!

But, THE REAL REASON for this post is to tell you of the delectable deliciousness that is a Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcake!
Camille took orders and picked up our treats on her way to dinner. I could hardly wait! I'd been thinking about those cupcakes ALL week long. No lie. The Sweet Tooth Fairy opened up their bakeshop in Provo, in January of this year, and they have been growing exponentially (it seems) ever since. I've heard about their cupcakes and have anxiously been waiting to try them. Thanks to Camille, that little food dream came true!

And let me tell you, those cupcakes did NOT disappoint! In fact, they were much better than I anticipated. That's the truth. Now, you see, it's all in the frosting. In my opinion, frosting makes or breaks a cake ... or a cupcake, as it were. And The Sweet Tooth Fairy knows her frosting! Oh boy. My mouth is salivating as I write. Seriously so delicious!

My selections were a Va-NIE-lla Squared, a Carrot, and a Cookies n' Cream. I've already eaten the first two, and I might have to say that they were honestly the best cupcakes I've ever eaten. I'm saving the Cookies n' Cream one for tonight. After that, it's back to the normal diet. :)

Oh goodness. SO yummy. If you live in or around Provo, beware... you might be tempted to begin making weekly (daily?) cupcake runs, if you ever taste even just one. Seriously, they're that good! Good thing I'm an hour's drive away. Although... I hear that they're expanding, and one might guess that they'd come up closer to Salt Lake. I'd better start building up my will power now. But just look at them... how can you resist?

Be sure to check out both the Blue Lemon website, as well as The Sweet Tooth Fairy website and blog if you haven't already. Photos found on their blog.


Nancy said...

Ah Man! You're killing me here.

Camille said...

oh how I love those cupcakes! Too bad it's Sunday or I would have a carrot cupcake (and others) in front of me right now! :)