Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Photo: I'm REALLY tired.

"O bed! O bed! delicious bed!
That heaven upon earth to the weary head."

~Thomas Hood, poet
from Miss Kilmansegg And Her Precious Leg: Her Dream

I just wish I had more time to do this:

Photo courtesy of some family member.
Taken in Denver, CO. September 2004.


Sherine said...

You look peaceful:) Uncomfortable.. but peaceful:)

For the bigger pictures I upload them first to photobucket (you can choose multiple sizes there) and then paste the 'code' for the picture into the post in html mode. Let me know if you have any hiccups with it;)

Kimberlee Koplin Mills St. Clair said...

That looks like a comfy chair...rest is a wonderful thing...unless it's bed rest...lol Love ya!

Nancy said...

i LOVE this picture

Brooke said...

if this was sept 2004, then you would have just gotten home from your mission, and lets be honest...it takes a full year to recover from that kind of exhaustion. I always wish I had more time to sleep, or just sit, or just think. LOVE YOU!!

eclaires said...

Sherine: I tried the same thing with my Flickr account. Totally works. I'm going to try to do it from now on. I'll have to manipulate the size a little bit to look good on my blog, but I'm SOOO happy to have the tip. Thanks!

Kim: I hope your bedrest isn't driving you crazy. Have you tried internet indexing? You can do that on a laptop in bed and it's kind of addicting AND it's doing genealogy! You are transcribing census records and such. It's really cool. Check it out http://www.familysearchindexing.org/home.jsf

Nancy: Thanks! :)

Brooke: It totally was just a few weeks after I got home from Lithuania! And you're right... missions are exhausting, but marvelous. :) Time is so precious... time to think, sleep, and just be... I miss you. Next time I'm in Vegas, we're getting together. I don't know when that will be... the last time was when I saw you at the hotel. I need to get there soon. Myliu tave, drauge.

Anonymous said...

This kind of rest is no substitute for the real thing: pajamas on, in a real bed, all the lights off!