Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Berlin: Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

Monday was departure day. Leaving to go home after a great vacation is always bittersweet. Having had a great time with Brittney, Casey, and the girls and loving Berlin vs. sleeping in my own bed! Haha.

Ten days was a significant time. Time enough for me to truly relax and forget about my daily life, which was kind of nice. Spending time playing with Ellie, walking around a fantastic city, learning more about the Holocaust and realizing once again that my problems and concerns cannot even compare, and relaxing and napping almost every day, helped me to really feel on vacation. A truly relaxing vacation. Thank you Britt and Casey for your generosity, incredible hopsitality, and sincere friendship! We love you and miss you!

Getting our luggage checked all the way to the U.S. I love not having to carry much of anything. Thank you airport luggage handlers!

Ready to board the plane in Berlin.

Once aboard the plane, we goofed off and took a bunch of pictures. Okay, so I didn't intend to be goofy when I pulled out the camera, but apparently Katie only wanted goofy pictures. :)

M was there to pick us up at the airport. When we got home we heard this very high pitched sound. We searched high and low and could not figure out where this sound was coming from. Finally, after Katie had gone to bed and Michael had gone home, I couldn't stand not knowing where this sound was coming from. I searched and finally found that the sound was originating in one of the suitcases full of Britt and Casey's stuff we brought home. I opened it up to find Ellie's toy microwave had gotten stuck on one setting and the beeping noise would not turn off. I had to find a screwdriver to get the battery plate off and take out the batteries. It was a bit of effort, but SO worth not hearing that crazy sound! Remind me to remove batteries prior to takeoff next time! :)

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