Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I've had many interesting conversations over the last week or so about the Inauguration and the transfer of power in our country. And quite frankly, I'm surprised at the divide among people in the state in which I live. Some have gawked at the pomp and circumstance that seemed to accompany the Inauguration. Others have overwhelmingly jumped for joy. Others have ranted about how much they keep hearing "Obama this, Obama that."

Might I remind you that every time there is an Inauguration of a President of the United States, there is pomp and circumstance. Eight years have gone by; it's possible you can't remember the last one. And, eight years ago, we did not have the same level of technology to express our views and share them with our best friend's brother's girlfriend's mother. Text messaging, popular online social networks, streaming online video, blogs, etc. were simply not as prevalent as they are today. Hence, we hear a lot more "Obama this and Obama that" because we have the media sources to bring it to us.

M expressed a concern, "The way some people are talking, it's like he has a magic crystal wand that turns everything to gold and ushers in an era of world peace. While that would be nice (having a wizard for a president), it's just not realistic."

I completely agree that it's not realistic to believe President Obama will work magic; we all know he is not some sort of magician. He, himself, spoke of the responsibility of a successful future for our nation lies with us, not just with the President, but with the people. His role is as a leader. Someone to lead and inspire us (the people) to do our best in aiding the nation to progress. He's just a man. Yes, he's a regular President. No, President Obama will not work any magic. He is here to inspire, persuade, and motivate US to action. The leader of any organization cannot bring his organization to a successful position alone. Every member is called to put forth effort.

The Inauguration publicity was grand. And it was that way because "the people" made it that way. People are proud to be involved. But the fact that we see President Barack Obama as a man, a "regular" President, is absolute cause to celebrate! He is an African American man, leading a country who used to enslave people with his same skin color. Keeping the history of our nation in mind, you cannot discount the fact that this is a milestone, an historic Inauguration by mere fact fact that we elected an African American President. I believe there is definitely cause to rejoice and be proud that our nation has made that type of progress.

Now once again, whether we "like" him or not, let's not be openly pessimistic and negative. There is no glory in putting down your fellow men. I am not saying that you need to love him or his policies or his position on controversial issues. I am saying that openly berating the man who swore that he "will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of {his} ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" is simply not appropriate. Vote against him. Be upset with a decision he makes. Fine. But to mock the Inauguration of a President is not appropriate. Be an American. Let's be patriotic, for heaven's sake.

I am hopeful that President Obama will have the courage and tenacity required to lead our country into greater times. My daily prayers include him, and I would encourage all of you to consider doing the same, that he may be guided by God to make wise decisions for us and our country. Let's be hopeful. Let's not be pessimistic. I once heard, "If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought."


Kimberlee St. Clair said...

Not sure yet how I fee about our new President...but as in the past, I will support those things that are right...I have to say...I wasn't all that excited about any of the candidates....oh well, such is life....I sure miss you...and love that you have such amazing posts about everything from family to politics....and, tell me about this dream......

Marina said...

Come visit me sister-woman! People in NYC have very few reservations about our fabulous new president!;)


Lindsay said...

Unfortunately, I don't think we have made progress simply by having elected an African American President. We are all patting ourselves on the back saying that we have made progress, but the fact that we have to point it out takes away that progress and cheapens that "stride." Progress to me would be having elected an African American President and no one noticing that we had because we have truly started to look past race.

Brooke said...

I love that you wrote this blog. You are my favorite. LOVE YOU!!