Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Discoveries of 2008.

Friday night, I went to a party hosted by my friend Amber. It was a Girls Night with the theme of "What I Learned in 2008." We were asked to bring a favorite dish discovered in 2008 along with the recipe to share with everyone. Next we were to bring a top ten list of what we discovered in 2008 (with copies to hand out to everyone). Possible thoughts included: favorite new book, cool websites, additional recipes, make-up, great buys, favorite music, cooking secrets, trip ideas, diet plans, favorite toilet paper, parenting secrets, or any nugget of knowledge we felt worthy to pass along. The last thing we brought was a little gift basket to give away. The basket consisted of items listed on our top ten list.

I was so excited anticipating this party. What a fun idea! I loved sharing what I've learned and I learned lots of new things, some of which I've already checked out. Very fun, it was!

And I know you're all just dying to know what my top ten list looked like, so here you go:

eclaires's Discoveries of 2008

1. bareMinerals makeup by Bare Escentuals – With bareMinerals, your search for the perfect foundation is over; you’ll never go back to your old stuff again! Made from 100% pure bareMinerals it’s free of preservatives, oil, fragrance, talc and other skin irritants. I have fallen in love with the look of beautifully bare skin.

2. L'Oréal Telescopic® Clean Definition Mascara – I'll admit, I was very skeptical considering the No Clump Brush™ is so thin and long, with few bristles. But I found that the thin brush allows you to easily coat the lashes without weighing them down, resulting in a very natural look. The sparsely placed bristles allow for a combing effect, keeping lashes separated and clump free. And it perfectly lengthens my lashes (up to 60% they say). So I'm sold. Dare I say, I've found a new favorite? I know... hard to believe, but I think it's true.

3. www.Coupons.com – I have become a coupon clipper. Okay, I always have been, but this year I discovered online coupons. And they generally have stuff that I actually buy! Don’t go to the grocery store with checking here first.

4. Curves – The Women’s Only Health Club and Fitness Center with Aerobic and Strength Training Workout. This was actually a discovery of 2007, but worthy to share. No more worrying about people looking you up and down at the gym. Go to Curves and get a great workout in 30 minutes without the uncomfortable “meat market” feel of other co-ed gyms. And you’ll see results!

5. All things Google – I can’t live without my Google calendar, gmail, Blogger, and my iGoogle homepage brings those all together. My life has been made much easier and more fun!

6. www.Pandora.com – Internet Radio. Listen anywhere you have an internet connection and speakers. No commercials. Pick the genres and artists you like. Find out about new artists and songs you haven’t heard before.

7. Winter Squash – Butternut, Spaghetti, Acorn, etc. Delicious! Top puréed cooked winter squash with cinnamon and maple syrup. Steam cubes of winter squash and onion wedges in oven with a little bit of olive oil. Top "strings" of spaghetti squash with pasta sauce. Add cubes of winter squash to your favorite vegetable soup recipe. Slice strips of butternut squash and bake to make Squash Snacks. There are endless ideas for these nutrient-filled vegetables.

8. Salt Lake Choral Artists – I have found my niche once again. I love choral singing and discovered SLCA this summer. I auditioned and am now a member. Salt Lake Choral Artists is one of America’s premier community choirs, delighting audiences with outstanding choral performances for many years. The choir focuses on classical, contemporary, and culturally diverse music and emphasizes collaborations with other performing groups from the community. As Artistic Director and Conductor, Dr. Brady Allred has applied his wealth of choral conducting experience, remarkable range of musical talent, and exceptional leadership to bring the Salt Lake Choral Artists to a higher level of artistic excellence. His skills have generated new enthusiasm among choir members, serious interest from the media, and the attention of donors who recognize the importance of promoting top-quality performing arts in this community.

9. Calcium Chews – One a day increases your daily intake of Calcium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K and satisfies your sweet tooth. Costco’s Kirkland Brand tastes the best and are sugar-free!

10. Smart Balance Natural Peanut Butter – Peanut butter with no hydrogenated oils, thus no trans fat, no added refined sugar, and 1000mg of Omega-3s per serving. You can’t pass that up! Plus it tastes great! Check out their butter spread products as well.


Nate and Taryn said...

That is SUCH a fun idea! I totally want to steal it and call it my own, if only I were so brilliant.... Maybe I'll just have to host one just like it:) Thanks!

Sherine said...

ooo I love bare minerals too:) Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Smart Balance Peanut Butter Rocks!

Biz said...

great list of good things. glad 2008 was good to you!