Monday, January 05, 2009

7 Random Things

So Brooke-let tagged me awhile back and I'm finally remembering to think of and post seven random things about myself. Here goes...

1. I smell everything. Beware. May you always smell divine.
2. I love all things WWII, especially first-hand Resistance stories. May we have such resilience of spirit.
3. I still rock out to Debbie Gibson. Sorry, I'll never be able to call her Deborah.
4. I first got glasses in the 4th grade. Seeing street signs and the chalkboard was so much more fun after that.
5. I've been known to cut my English Lit class, hiding in the stairwell to read. Ironic.
6. I don't believe in unpainted toenails. On women, at least. May yours always be painted. (Especially if you're wearing open toed shoes.)
7. I was in a car accident once when our car landed on the roof after fishtailing out of control at 80mph. I crawled out the back window unscathed. Thank you.

1 comment:

Kimberlee St. Clair said...

Love that you still listen to Debbie...and that you have 7 wonderfully random things to share....