Saturday, March 15, 2008

He Has Opportunities Prepared for Me.

At times when I just wish I could know how my life will pan out or what will happen next, I remember something Elder Eyring put well:

"Your life is carefully watched over, as was mine. The Lord knows both what He will need you to do and what you will need to know. He is kind and He is all-knowing. So you can with confidence expect that He has prepared opportunities for you to learn in preparation for the service you will give. You will not recognize those opportunities perfectly, as I did not. But when you put the spiritual things first in your life, you will be blessed to feel directed toward certain learning, and you will be motivated to work harder. You will recognize later that your power to serve was increased, and you will be grateful."
(Henry B. Eyring, "Education for Real Life," Ensign, Oct. 2002, 18-19)

I am encouraged by the knowledge that Heavenly Father loves me and wants what is best for me. The people He has placed in my life and the experiences I have had always seem to have prepared me for something else in my life, not to mention, have truly enriched my life. Trusting in Him that He will guide my life in such a way that is most beneficial for me keeps me optimistic and positive. Life is good! :)


Sherine said...

Thanks for that great quote.. very timely:)

Bentley the Kid said...

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