Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is a fun day for me. For one thing, I love the color red. I like hearts, but never heart jewelry or hearts on clothing or hearts in the hands of a stuffed animal. Blech. And, I love love. I love the love of my mom. I love the love of my dad. I love the love of my roommate. I love the love of my friends. I love the love of my family. I love the love of little children. I love the love of God. I just love love!

I rarely have a "Valentine" on Valentine's Day, but I do remember in 4th grade when Christian was "in love" with me. Unfortunately, I had pneumonia so I couldn't attend our class's Valentine's Day party. My mom kindly took my Valentine cards and my assigned treat to the school for me. My teacher had collected all of my cards from my classmates and presented them to my mom to deliver to me at home in bed. As my mom was about to leave, Christian stood up across the room and said, "You're Emery's mom, right?" Yes. As he produced a box of chocolates and a card from inside his desk, he said, "Can you give these to her?" With cheers, jeers, and whistles from the class abounding, he confidently retorted, "At least I had the guts to do it!"

If only we would all "have the guts to do it!"

Yes, to some it's Single Awareness Day,

but it's just Love Day to me!

Here's hoping that you have a marvelous day and remember how very much you are loved!

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Andrea W. said...

I love this post. Seriously. I agree with you on all of it. And, while some years I called it "Singles Awareness Day," I don't really think I've ever been bitter about it.

I love love too.