Monday, February 18, 2008

Dale Chihuly.

May I just say that Dale Chihuly is amazing? I know that not everyone connects with his work, but one cannot deny that the man is skilled and talented beyond words. Although broken glass ravaging his face during a terrible automobile accident left him blind in his left eye (hence the eyepatch he dons) and a shoulder injury left him unable to actually blow glass since 1979, he certainly has a vision which has transformed him into the entrepreneurial impresario upon whom a fortune, and the entire contemporary-glass-art market, has been built.

Abravanel Hall is home to the only permanent Chihuly sculpture in Utah. The Olympic Tower was commissioned for, yes, the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. Gazing through the glass windows as I walked up to Abravanel Hall on Friday evening, I just found it amazing. It's certainly not a piece of work I'd want in my front living room, but it's breath-taking, I think.

But how do they dust it? No, seriously... how do you think they keep it clean?


Anonymous said...

Now that is the question of the year!!???

Andrea W. said...

They should hose it down! I want to see that!