Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Japan: Kawaguchi's Lilia Concert Hall and Leaving Tokyo.

tour to Japan
singing everywhere we go
beautiful venues
~an original haiku by Emery
(that's me. eclaires)

After leaving Karuizawa, we drove back through 3-day holiday weekend traffic down the mountain to Tokyo. Again, we stopped off at one of Japan's famous (according to me) rest areas to eat dinner.

This wasn't even half of all the vending machines at this rest stop. They're everywhere. Lots of them.

When we finally made it to Tokyo, we checked in again at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, where we stayed our first night in country. Different floor and different room this time, but basically the same layout. This time I had a view of the inner courtyard.

Looking down

Looking up

The next day, which was Tuesday, October 15, 2013, we had a satellite concert (still part of the Karuizawa International Choral Festival) in Kawaguchi in Lilia Hall. That afternoon, we rehearsed and recorded, at a light meal provided by the Festival (cup o' noodles -- it was great!) and prepared for the concert. The Lilia Concert Hall is really stunning. The honey colored wood, the beehive looking lights and the rounded wood panels making up the walls and ceiling were really beautiful.

Don't pay attention to my skirt hiked up during this rehearsal.

Inside Lilia Hall.
Photo found here
And here is a recording from that night. Lux Aeterna, a rather ethereal piece. And yes that's me second from the left.

That night, it was rainy and windy. In fact, I think that was the day that we received a typhoon warning--the largest typhoon to hit Tokyo in ten years. It *was* incredibly windy, but nothing crazy I didn't think. After our concert, we had a small party a local restaurant with the Ko Matsushita's Men's Choir who had first billing on the program that night.

Angela and Renae

Leslie, Rachel, Laurel, Brady, Jane, Josh, Michael, and Ashley

I only had my cell phone camera on me (obviously), but we had a fun time singing back and forth and singing a Japanese song, "Ima Kokoni" together. I recorded it, but the sounds is truly horrible so I'm not posting it. We had a great time, but we were eager to get home to go to sleep and beat the worst of the typhoon. Funny, I just said "home"... back to our last night at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center.

You know, I'm just going to throw this out there, but sometimes travel is only glamorous in retrospect...especially when I'm on tour. It's hard work. Rehearsals. Sound checks. Recordings. Bus travel. Late night returns to the hotel. Walking long distances with my luggage. Sleeping in a different hotel every night. Living out of a suitcase. This was one of those days when I was just tired and wanted to get back to our hotel and crash. I was pleased that we got to sleep in on Wednesday before we checked out and departed to Matsumoto.

On the road again...


Next up is our day (and night) in Matsumoto, picture-taking at the castle, seeing pomegranates growing on trees for the first time, and our concert in the Agatanomori Culture Hall in Matsumoto, with a truly lovely audience.

Then the last stop will be in Nagoya...great concert and a full day (almost) of free time!

Be prepared: there are still SO many pictures.



Shauntel said...

Ah! I'm so trunky...I just love this place. Thank you for sharing!

Louisette said...

Wonderfull architectur this hall, greeting from Belgium