Monday, December 16, 2013

Japan: Sightseeing in Nagoya on First Friday. (Part Two)

Riding the subway
Get off at Osu Kannon
Five more syllables
~eclaires, an original Haiku

After leaving the Nagoya Castle grounds, we got back on the subway and headed to the Osu Kannon Temple.

And a little taste of Japanese fashion for you...

The grounds right in front of the Osu Kannon Temple were dedicated to what looked like a flea market. Vendors sold their wares from rickety tables and blankets spread out on the ground.

Note to self: I should probably just shut up, but my goodness... I MUST lose all this weight I've gained.

The square was bustling with people, much more so than the temple itself. But the temple was beautiful with lots of color.

There was a little shopping district rife with souvenir shops, electronics shops, a tattoo parlor, and little restaurants.

Instead of eating in one of the many little delicious looking restaurants, I decided that I really wanted to eat at the sushi place across the street from our hotel. I had not yet had any sushi and I was determined not to leave Japan without some. Also, Blythe and I got tired, so we left a little earlier than everyone else and made our way back to the hotel, again taking the subway. Sadly, the sushi restaurant was closed until 6pm for dinner (it was only 2pm...still lunch time in my book), so we ended up eat at a little Hawaiian grill place down the street. No pictures. It was anti-climactic since I realized I would not be eating sushi in Japan AND we were about to be in Hawaii on Second Friday, where I could get all the Hawaiian grill food I'd want...

We said goodbye to Nagoya after loading everything onto the bus and heading to the airport.

We arrived at the airport quite early, which was nice. Mostly because I found a few full-body massage chairs for 200¥‎ for ten minutes (200 yen is about two dollars). Total score. And so, Angela and I ended First Friday in total relaxation...about three times. :)

And next up: Second Friday and three concerts in three days in Hawaii!

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