Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday's Tasty Treat.

Dear Farmers Market,

I'm so excited that you opened yesterday. You have suddenly given me something extra to look forward to on Saturdays. I had so much fun wandering around taking in all your lustrous colors, smells, and tastes. The brilliant red of your tomatoes. The vibrant green of your cucumbers. Oh and the delicious smell of all the Mediterranean food booth. Ooh, and the Sudanese food booth looked simply mouth-watering. And let's not forget the creamy taste of all your cheese. And the honey. The breads. The salsa. FM, it's simply never-ending!

This Saturday, I'm going to buy some of your cucumbers. Maybe some salsa. And I'd love some cheese. Maybe even some bread. I might just have to visit you often. Afterall, you are going to be around until October.

See you Saturday!

Much love,

P.S. I loved walking through your Art & Craft Market too.

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Anonymous said...

Let's go together!