Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I'm a sick girl.

Looking for me? You'll find me sleeping.

Officially been sick for three weeks now. Bronchitis, apparently. But seems to have resurged with strength on Sunday. Second trip to the doctor. Chest x-ray. No pneumonia. Just sprays of "stuff" throughout my lungs. Hoarse, dry, barking cough. Another round of antibiotics and cough syrup. This time with codeine. Today, head congestion all over again. Ugh.

Do you think there is possibility of permanent damage from having a low-grade fever for three weeks? Temporarily, it makes me forgetful and causes me to do stupid things like putting my car key in the house door or forgetting to play my Knight before I roll (in online Settlers of Catan) or starting to put the milk away in the pantry.

And to think... I was getting better...

This photo is not of my lungs, but looks almost exactly like my chest x-rays (except mine had more "sprays of stuff").

Oh, and btw, this is my 150th post! Wahoo me.

Photo found here.


Brooke said...

You poor little sickie. I had pretty much the same thing a few weeks ago. The pill w/ codeine that they gave you for your cough works wonders but you have to keep taking it every 4 or 8 hours (depends on which one you have) ALSO, you always hear this but it is labai labai labai important that you continue taking your antibiotics until they are gone. I stopped taking mine because I was feeling better, and week later I was back at urgent care. I'm so sorry you don't feel good. Try to sleep as much as you can. I will pray for your little lungs :) MYLIU!!!

Sonda said...

Ohh, that's terrible. I really feel for you. I had pneumonia last year and it appears I'm back for round 2 now! Keep breathing deep and keeping those lungs open. Bronchitis is terrible and seems to drag on forever. I hope you are feeling better soon.