Monday, August 04, 2008

Wegetables. (and yes, I know I put a "w" instead of a "v"... that was on purpose)

My garden is coming along quite nicely. Interestingly, along with the plants in the containers doing well, the trees that are sprouting up in the window well seems to be thriving also. I keep cutting them back, but pretty soon, I'm going to have to get in the window well and really pull them out so their roots don't get too deep. I guess that's what we get for living on a piece of land that used to be a farm, bison and all. I see those trees popping up everywhere. Anyway, back to the veggies.

Here is the picture from 8 June 2008: Here is the picture from 6 July 2008:
Here is it is today, 4 August 2008:

The lettuce has seemed to mysteriously disappear. I don't know if I went too many days without watering and it burned from the heat (with no remains) or if there are snails (I haven't seen any) or if some other animal came to eat. I'm not sure, but it's slowly growing back... well half of it is. But, I'm guessing maybe a family of snails may indeed be the culprit... I need to go out on snail patrol at night with my flashlight (thanks Mom, for teaching me the joys of snail patrol!)

The zucchini and squash plants are growing well, but I haven't seen any vegetables forming yet. We'll see if they ever yeild anything. I pulled the pea plants out because they weren't growing properly and I didn't have them staked up from the get go, so they weren't going anywhere.

I'm really excited about the tomatoes that have grown. Some have already ripened and are ready to be harvested and eaten and some are still ripening. I also noticed about three or four just barely starting.

I'm especially excited about the cucumbers that are coming through. There are only three of them so far, but they are getting bigger every day. I had to move one of the tomato cages to the cucumber container because the plant was growing so large and long, that it needed some room to grow. The one small tomato plant, which is a "container-friendly" tomato plant, wasn't using the cage, so the switch worked. The cucumbers look like upside-down teardrops! Also, my small little green pepper plant is yielding just one green pepper, but one's better than none.

The herbs are thriving and I've been able to use a lot of dill (in šaltibarščiai), rosemary (to season pork and chicken), and mint (in mint tea), so the herbs are cut back drastically in the lastest pictures. And take a look at those radishes! They look like they ahve giant rabbit ear greens.

I love gardening!


Sherine said...

who knew you had such a green thumb? Those tomatoes look delish!

Andrea, Mrs. said...


Becky said...

Your garden looks fantastic. Much better than mine. I suppose it could be because I frequently forget to water it... The lettuce problem could be simply the heat. They are "cool weather" plants usually planted in the spring or fall. Just a thought.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the great pics of your Wegetables! They really look great. I am glad that you are enjoying gardening. Maybe I will do the same next year.xoxo

Kimberlee St. Clair said...

Love your garden updates. I'm glad we can kind of keep in touch this way...sure miss you...any chance we can hang out Saturday night?????

I came home and found my garden...well, I'll just have to post a picture...out of control doesn't begin to describe it! I'm happy to share....especially spaghetti and zuchinni squash....yes, I think I spelled that wrong.....