Thursday, August 28, 2008

The sign on the door of opportunity says PUSH!

I pushed.

Finishing my degree has been a goal of mine for some time. Finances have delayed my progress, but I've been slowly plugging away, one or two classes each semester while working full-time. But being on the 25-year plan was just not cutting it anymore. In order to get through more quickly, I knew that somehow I needed to find a way to attend school full-time. For the last year or so, I've been working to get myself in a finanical situation that would allow me to go back to school full-time, but wasn't sure how or when that was going to happen. Especially, how I was going to swing it with work.

This summer, some changes occurred at work that would allow me to shift responsibilities and I very clearly felt that this was "my time". I know 100% that this was Heavenly Father saying,"Go for it. Now is your time to go part-time and go back to school full-time." Hooray! So this week is my first week as a full-time student, working just part-time. There are so many wonderful things about that! I love being a student. I love the writing involved in all my classes. I love the new ideas I learn. I love always having "a thought to chew on", as my mom says. I love learning. I love relieving the burnout I have felt at work, by going part-time and reducing my responsibilities.

Now I'm not going to lie, living off half my salary and watching large sums of money come out of my bank account is a little scary. However, I'm not scared. I guess that's why I know this is the right decision for me. It feels good, sacrifices and all. So be prepared to hear me say that I don't have the money to go to this movie or that restaurant. I'm trying to be careful about all this, but I know it will work out in the end.

Seriously, this all just fell into place. I'd been praying for something to give... something to change. I'd been planning and preparing financially. Three months ago, I had no idea how or when I'd ever be able to devote more time to finishing up my degree and today? Today, I have arrived.


Andrea, Mrs. said...


I'm so happy for you! Woot! Yah baby!


Sherine said...

Oh congrats Emery! I love school.. (most of it anyway) it really is exciting to be in that type of learning environment!

Lindsay said...

I'm jealous. I would rather be in school than working. Glad to hear things have fallen into place.

Kimberlee St. Clair said...

That is so fun....I miss school! I love it when I am taking a structured class...and I'm glad you found the time. It is such a fulfilling thing to be speedily accomplishing one of your goals. I sure miss you!

Sharona said...

I am SOO excited for you! That is such a huge step. How many semesters do you have before you finish your degree? What is your degree? Clearly the two minutes I get to steal you away after sacrament meeting are not enough time to get full updates. You have A LOT going on these days. How am I supposed to keep track of all this from Ohio?!?! :)