Friday, August 01, 2008

Google Me!

I found this idea on my cousin's blog. Here's how it works: for every category, perform a Google image search and post your favorite picture on your blog. You can only choose from the first page of results! Have fun!

My Name (Emery):

The city where I was born (San Francisco):

A past love (Mike. I googled his full name, but will not post that here. I figured this picture suited him best, since he's an artist.):
Favorite object (need I say more?):

Favorite city (New York City. My favorite aside from San Francisco, SLC, and Vilnius):

Favorite food right now (šaltibarščiai - Lithuanian cold beet soup):

Favorite color:

One of my bad habits (self-explanatory):
My first job (a mother's helper):

A future job (I hope):

A place I would like to live (Vilnius, Lithuania):

My age:


Nancy said...

Love Love Love the "Kiki"! and of course the applying makeup one is too perfect! Very fun

Dennis said...

Thirty and Flirty! Your haircut says it all.