Sunday, March 06, 2011

Dangerously Distracted by Clouds.

"Behind every cloud is another cloud."
~Judy Garland

As I've mentioned before I'm totally obsessed with clouds. A dangerous pastime, I know. (Are you singing like Gaston from Disney's Beauty and the Beast? I am.)

The reason this is a dangerous pastime is because I get distracted while driving by the magnificent cloud formations and reflections of light shining on, through, and around them. Plus, I live in one of the most beautiful states with a gorgeous mountainous backdrop for these clouds.

So here are a few pictures for your enjoyment. Just don't judge me for snapping (pictures) and driving. We can have that talk another time.

And these last two are walking pictures... not driving. :) I don't ever want to hear "It's such a beautiful day; not a cloud in sight." That's not my kind of beautiful day. This is.


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Anonymous said...

I love it!! Now every time I see a beautiful cloud I will think of you. It makes cloud watching all the more fun knowing someone would love it:)