Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sick and Tired.

"If you treat a sick child like an adult and a sick adult like a child,
everything usually works out pretty well."

~Ruth Carlisle

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In the last three hours, I have eaten the following:
-ten saltine crackers
-one fruity popsicle (I'm not certain of the flavor--cherry grape?)
-one cup of ginger ale

I'm full. Yes, full.

In the previous 72 hours, I have eaten the following:
-four cups of ginger ale
-one full row of saltine crackers
-half a package of cooked Top Ramen (mostly the broth)
-eight M&Ms

Despite not being able to keep much of anything down for the last few days, I've been thinking about food a lot. Okay, so at first, the thought of food made me nauseated, but yesterday and today, I've wanted to eat more. Let's not talk about how I still can't... but here is proof: I've been pinning all the fun food recipes I've come across. Yummy, huh? (Click on the link. Pinterest is pretty cool.)

But that's all a little depressing. The stomach flu is depressing. My back is killing me, having spent most of the last 72 hours in my bed. Having the stomach flu right after having a week-long cold is certainly not my idea of holiday fun. I missed singing Benjamin Britten's Saint Nicolas cantata in the Christmas concert with the Salt Lake Choral Artists. (That's a first. I've never missed a concert in three years.) That about makes me want to cry. I missed going this morning to the LDS Conference Center to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's Christmas Concert with soloist, David Archuleta, and narrator, Michael York. I still am finishing up papers for one class, which have to be completed by tomorrow. I have not purchased one gift for Christmas. I have not done one Christmas-y thing yet this season. I'm kind of depressed. And lonely. And tired of lying in my bed with my twenty year old mattress that hurts my back. And tired of eating saltines. And tired of not feeling any Christmas spirit. Tired of having to go to work. Tired of having a messy room. Tired of writing papers. Just tired. And I don't even know what day it is. (And yes, I know that I have started four, now five, sentences with the word and, and I'm fine with that.)

So that's about it. Just tired. And sick. The bright side? I have a head start on losing holiday weight and the whole New Year's resolution. Five pounds in one day. Not bad. ;)

Here's to a better Christmas week.

(Confession: I just realized, I have done one thing Christmas-y this year... I watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional broadcast. That was really nice, despite the fact that the backdrop looked like the blue-tiled Jeopardy board.)

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