Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wish List: Skinny.

"Small rooms or dwellings discipline the mind, large ones weaken it."
~Leonardo Da Vinci

I'm a city dweller at heart and in San Francisco, I always lived in a flat or house that shared walls with both neighbors, so these skinny houses seem right up my alley. Also: less to clean, less to decorate, less storage. Hence, you would be forced to constantly remain de-cluttered of unimportant items. The impact on the environment would be far less, and in return so would your own utility bills. I would love to call one of these charming abodes (or one like it), home.

This one's in South Carolina:

This one is in Amsterdam:

Another in Amsterdam:

Also in Amsterdam (I'm seeing a trend here):

How about this one in Massachusetts:

Or the narrowest one in NYC:

Or this one in Virginia:

Or I could take off to Toronto (LOVE this one!):

Amsterdam Skinnies and South Carolina here
Massachusetts Skinny here
NYC House here
Spite House (Virginia) here
Tiny Toronto here
And you thought this whole post was going to be about losing weight...

1 comment:

Becky said...

While I am not a "city dweller" type I do think that row houses are incredibly charming.

I miss see you. When are you coming out to San Francisco next?