Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I've been craving an IT'S IT the past few days. What's an IT'S IT, you ask? Well, good question; let me tell you. If you're not from the Bay Area you might be tempted to call an IT'S IT just another ice cream sandwich. But you'd be oh, so wrong. It may well be the best ice cream treat ever invented. A delicious scoop of ice cream, sandwiched between two old-fashioned oatmeal cookies, dipped in dark chocolate... this is no ordinary dessert. It's simply delightful. It's... well, it's IT. :)

See, the IT'S IT, is a San Francisco original and it hasn't ventured much further than the Rockies, making finding an IT'S IT in Utah nearly impossible. So I checked online to see if you could order them. Hooray! You can! $19 for a case of 24. Totally doable. Oh, but wait... shipping is $67 on top of that. Total? $86... for 24 IT'S ITs. That's about $3.50 each. :( Ooh, but I could buy 8 cases for a total of $380... that would bring them to $1.98 apiece! Such a better deal! But hmph, then I'd have 192 IT'S ITs.

This may just call for a trip home.

(Pictures from the IT'S IT website.)


Giles Family said...

Your making me hungry!!! I love your blog though, its always uplifting spiritually or with great tips.... including great food!!! I decided we need to take a trip to San Francisco together.

shrimp said...

I had a mint It's It about a half hour ago and I just finished a vanilla right now. I feel a little sick, but it was worth it! Sooooooo goooooood!