Monday, April 28, 2008

The Nile: The Life-Blood of Egypt.

One year ago, Katie was teaching a unit to her 6th graders about ancient Egypt. She enlisted me to help grade their end-of-unit tests. So late one night, we sat on the couch, reading the answers aloud to keep from falling asleep. The whole experience was quite entertaining for us and has proven to be a source of many laughs since.

The test question that yielded the most amusing responses was: "In at least one paragraph, explain why the Nile river is often called the "life-blood of Egypt."

The answers below are real answers from 6th graders, grammar errors and all. Enjoy!
  • It could be because it meant every thing to them. It would give them water. I gave them water for there plants. It gave them the ability to travel faster and cary hever things that they would trade. It expeshally helped them for wars and other things like that.
  • They used it to live, for irrigation, and for their cows. They drank the water, grew crops. And fed their cows who gave milk. Which left them with strong bones to get more water from the Nile.
  • The Nile river is called the life-blood of Egypt because it provides water. A nother reason why is it grows plants like the reed plant other nowen as papyrus. And it helps grows food. the farmers use it to grow there crops. It helps ceep animals and the Egyptians alive and usually fish live in water.
  • The Nile was how the Egyptians survived, it was used for irrigation, building, water, the animals needwater so the Egyptians could have bacon ect.


Andrea W. said...

Well, I love there reesponsez. I t hink thay put a lot of thot into them. Smart kids, smart kids.

suzy said...

You gotta love bacon!!! I love things like that!

KatelynFisherToys said...

Honestly, who is their teacher? And can't she teach them to write?! :) Ha ha. Silly kids.