Monday, November 17, 2014

Ten random thoughts for Monday.

Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.
~William A Ward

Sunday Sunset
Photo by me
9 November 2014

1. A neatly made bed and a clean sink won’t solve everything, but they make it easier to deal with almost anything.

2. A good bra is like money in the bank. Only it’s not, because good bras are REALLY expensive. And banks are, like, not so good with the money, as it turns out.

3. "Bean counters should not be allowed to make decisions for humans." ~former co-worker Victoria

4. For some reason it warms my heart when I watch the car in front of me slightly swerve to drive around a small pothole or drive closer to one side of the lane to avoid a deeply-set manhole. I know they are smart, aware, and know the roads just as well as I do and I can’t help but feel like kindred spirits.

5. I was once billed for a first trimester ultrasound. Convincing the bill collector that I never had an ultrasound and was not pregnant was no easy feat. Finally she said she would check with the doctor's office (thank you), and I never heard from them again.

6. I've worn a toe ring for over 16 years.

7. I've been called Henry twice (TWICE!) in the last two weeks. Via email. In response to an email *I* sent… I’m hoping it’s an auto correct issue.

8. I dislike the word noshing. I also dislike when people say nom nom when expressing their satisfaction with food. When women refer to their husbands as hubby or announce “we are pregnant” or “I’m preggo,” I just throw up a little in the back of my mouth.

9. I need a massage. Yes, need.

10. Is it Friday yet?


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