Tuesday, May 21, 2013


"Your life is what your thoughts make it."
~Marcus Aurelius

Double Rainbow in Salt Lake City on 15 May 2013
Photo Credit: Lennie Mahler, found here

... We had a beautiful rainstorm the other day, which was a welcome relief after the uncharacteristcally hot week. It's supposed to be spring, so I invite any and all rainstorms our way! Especially when they result in stunning double rainbows like the one we had (shown above). The colors were so brilliant.

... Do you think women who name their children Braxton never consider the name until they are going into fake labor? Maybe, except then there might be an equal number of babies named Hicks. Either way, I can't figure out the appeal of the name. (It was the 125th most popular baby boy name in the U.S. in 2012. Whaaa? Want to see others click here.) (Also for a good laugh, read about Idaho's baby names here.)

... Speaking of babies and pregnancy... apparently someone is trying to pose as me and got a 14-week ultrasound in my name in March. Hahaha. I got a bill a week and a half ago, from a familiar company (since I had so many tests and xrays, etc. done last year). Since it looked familiar I didn't open it right away, even though I wondered to myself what it might be for. When I opened it, I still couldn't figure out what it would be for, but when I spoke with them on the phone today, they said, "Oh that's for the ultrasound you received on March 27th." Ultrasound? Haha. Sorry, see that's the problem. I didn't receive an ultrasound. And for the record, I'm not pregnant. :)

... Showtune Saturday night on 106.5 FM in Salt Lake is no more. SO sad. I was really sick during the middle to end of December and not at work, so I wasn't listening to the radio much. At the beginning of January, I took a marvelous cruise to Hawaii with my family (more on that in a post to come), and so I didn't start listening to 106.5 until mid-January. A month hiatus, if you're pay attention. For two weeks, on my way to work, I couldn't figure out why 106.5 had such weird, songs. I finally heard that they were bought out and completely changed the genre of music and did away with Showtune Saturday night. Five months later, I'm still in mourning.

... Still obsessed with Kate. Which Kate? HRH The Duchess Kate. I am my grandmother's daughter.

... In my absence from this blog, I became addicted to Grey's Anatomy. They are now an extension of my family. At least that's how it feels sometimes. In three months, I shared eight years with them, thanks to Hulu. I got caught up in time to step into the last half of Season Nine and watch with Kate. You know, The Other Kate. KDJ The Other Kate. (She pines after Harry, as much as I pine after Pine.)

... I have lost the majority of motivation to cook for myself. You'd think this would help me lose some of the weight I gained last year being sick. No such luck.

... Because I can.

... After buying my house, I soon learned that I live parallel to a helicopter route. While this might annoy some people, I absolutely love it. Whenever I see a helicopter I always wonder where it's going and imagine its occupants. Unfortunately, all too often, it's Life Flight, so I say a little prayer.

... I've decided to add "extensive experience dealing with stupid people" to my resume. That has GOT to be a marketable skill.



Stella Dobry said...

I'm so glad you're back to blogging!

Becky said...

When did you buy a house? How exciting. :) I hope you stay well for a while. Being sick is pretty terrible.