Monday, September 12, 2011

Italia: Day 5. Sunday.

"For fast acting relief, try slowing down."
~Lily Tomlin

Along the coast of Cagliari, Sardegna in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea

Ah, a Sunday in Italy.

Several of our group are Mormon, and we were able to find a way to Church which was about 30 minutes away, thanks to the Concordia Vocis festival directors. They drove us in their cars and then we had a few in the hotel shuttle. We went just for sacrament meeting and were able to sing in Italian and they even planned for the talks to be translated into English for us, since we announced our attendance a few days before. With nearly 25 of us we considerably increased the number in attendance in their small ward and were lovingly received. Except for that one lady who kept walking up and down the aisle with a scowl on her face eyeing us very suspiciously. :)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
somewhere in Cagliari, Italy

Admittedly, I didn't leave the hotel on Sunday except to go to Church. Most of us were still trying to recover from our late night concerts and dinners following. So I just hung out and put my feet up because I have massive cankles thanks to the heat, the long bus rides, and standing in hot concert venues. (Lucky for you, I took no pictures of the cankles.)

Our hotel (Hotel Setar) bathroom nicely equipped with a bidet. Welcome to Europe!

So I'm not sure if I mentioned there is a bidet in our bathroom. :) Although I've never used a bidet for its intended purpose, I do love having one in the bathroom, for things like laundry. :) Yes, I made sure it was clean before I laundered my unmentionables.

We ended the day with an intense rehearsal and then an early dinner (at 8pm). We also met the choir from Leon, Spain, El León de Oro, who will be singing in our Monday and Tuesday night concerts with us. Mario from their group helped us fine-tune our Spanish diction on a couple of our songs. And as usual, we were scolded for our American R. :) Some things never change!

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Nancy said...

Doing laundry in the bidet: I remember it well. Do they have bidets in Lithuania?