Friday, March 12, 2010

Bronson Staker on NBC's Today Show.

"Our loving Heavenly Father divinely intervened with the course of nature and allowed our son to be healed. Not only to survive, but to be restored. Fully. He allowed Bronson to be brought back under the worthy hands of his father's Priesthood blessing and then repaired by the capable hands of doctors and nurses who saw unprecedented and expedited results to their procedures. We could not be more grateful. We stand as fervent witnesses that He is a God of miracles. We do not wish to overstate, but we know that a true and utter miracle was certainly granted in Bronson's life and in behalf of our family. We know that miracles are given as a benefit to all mankind. This is much, much bigger than we are. We feel the weight of this solemn responsibility. An obligation coupled with a true and heartfelt desire to share his story in hopes of strengthening the faith of others and cementing our own."
~Sara Staker

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Jerry said...

Thanks for sharing this remarkable story.