Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jumping for joy is good exercise.

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."
~Abraham Lincoln
About ten years ago, I found myself swimming in what I can only describe as the blues. I decided to conquer my depression by starting a Happy journal and search for the little things in life that made me happy and for which I was thankful. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I feel I want to share some of those things that brighten my life:

1. Word games
2. The Internet
3. The guarantee of a 60-second massage every Tuesday at Salt Lake Choral Artists rehearsal
4. Clouds
5. Rodgers & Hammerstein
6. Josh Groban's ability to bring me sweet memories of winter in Lithuania
7. The ability to use chopsticks with ease
8. Receiving genuine compliments
9. Prayer
10. Friends who are on my side
11. Touch - playful, soothing, and healing (both giving and receiving)
12. Lotion (didn't know I would be so thankful for lotion until I moved to Utah)
13. Having a car that runs and doesn't have a monthly payment
14. Getting paid
15. Having a unique first name
16. Falling leaves
17. Being debt-free
18. Drive-thru ATMs
19. Torrential downpours
20. Cake with frosting
21. Flowers
22. Calculators
23. Spider Solitaire
24. Being a native San Franciscan
25. Dancing
26. The scriptures
27. Lithuania
28. Alias
29. Veronica Mars
30. Having faith and then having the courage to truly exercise it
31. Green stoplights all the way to my destination
32. Using coupons
33. Writing
34. Earrings
35. Pictures to provide good memories
36. Measuring tapes
37. Thermometers
38. The moon
39. Lone trees
40. Knowing what time it is
41. Laughter
42. A great pair of jeans
43. Holding hands
44. Snow-capped mountains
45. Cool maps
46. Google
47. Quiet time just spent remembering past experiences
48. Food storage
49. Kisses on the cheek
50. Any opportunity to share, listen, and be with people I care about


Joe and AnnMarie said...

You brighten my life, Emery. Thanks for the phone call last Thursday :)

Brooke said...

#6 makes me so happy too! It takes me back every time I hear it. Friends like you make me happy too. LOVE YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I am not on the list??

Sherine said...

Boy we have all been there.. what a great idea to pull out of it.